A Study in Scatological Brains of Republican & the Idiot Fringe their Sycophants

by Your Perpetrator in Chief

David C. Baker

Although Republicans were routed in the last election, the stench from the Republican Party's cesspool in Washington wafting across the nation should dispel any notion that the Bush Republican Party was deloused. As we enter the next phase of the rise of the Black-Racist Muslim, Arab Frankenstein dictator, nothing is going to change until we Fumigate The Republican Party Scatoligists and The entrails of the Bush mess, the remaining Sewer rats and low crawling polecats starting with Lindsey Graham, Huckabbe and McCain et al stinking up the place are mute testimony that not only did the head of the snake escape the blade, so did the bowels. their idiot fringe who posted this image below with them….The self satisfied delusional idiots who circulated, deserve them… it are proof that not only are they incapable of learning, but they bring good tidings to

have every reason to believe that they have nothing to fear from the imbeciles that they have been reaming for the last 20 years

The fact that it was the good Republicans like Rick Santorum who felt the sting of the guillotine in that election, along with the Arab in the White House and the idiots who circulated that picture of the former Goof Ball in Chief rubber stamps the sub-room temperature political IQ of the American public,

As recently as last week two high profile scatologists, starting with don't make anybody mad Romney and open borders Huckabee surfaced from the sewer in broad daylight to lead what will be the same group of imposters, phonies, liars, traitors focusing the spot light the fact that the head of the snake and bowels are intact.

I received e-mails delusional idiots with the picture of the former Polecat in Chief with the heading: Now do you miss me? And Is mute testiment why they his ilk are still in Washington…

Imagine the wonderment among the remnants of Bush poll-cats that after 20 years of the Republican party hosing the conservative constituency, 4 years of the old man, 8 years of the party conspiring with Clinton and then 8 the idiot son, to see that there are still a significant number of brain dead  morons looking to kiss his dumb ass….What a pleasant surprise it must have been for the still entrenched entrails, the remaining skunks of his administration to see that there is still a significant percentage of self satisfied clueless idiots, lap dogs who circulated this picture.  Get Jeb on the phone immediately! They are proof that not only is the Republican constituency incapable of learning, they bring good tidings to the sewer rats stinking up the Partyand give them every reason to believe that they have nothing to fear from the imbeciles that they have been reaming for the last 20

For the jerks who circulated this post to even suggest that the Bush was somehow better than Obama is proof of the cosmic stupidity of Republican sheeple who to this day are still oblivious of the complicity of the Bush, NcCain, Graham, Republican traitors that joined the American Communist/Democrat party and parted the American sea for the Arab Dictator to enter the White House.... 


It is the cosmic stupidity of Republican sheeple, that has given the entrails of the Bush Administration, the belly crawling pole cats starting with Huckabee, then Romney and now Pawlenty the confidence, better yet, the audacity show their contempt for the intellect of American conservatives to form PACs raising money for more of the same.