We Will Not Survive The Neo-Conservative Profit Pimps Either

By David "the iceman" Diller

Which is worse, the Neo-Kommie Left selling us out to the one world kommie movement or the Neo-Conervative profit pimps who know the price of everything and value of nothing? They bring to mind the story about the john who propositioned a prostitute for $20.00.. highly insulted she asked; "only twenty dollars, what do you think I am? the john responded, "we know what you are, what we are discussing is the price." I recall not long ago sitting through two segments of the O'Reilly Factor with GOP Congressman Jeff Flake constantly smirking at  O'Reilly's points regarding third world immigration. The Japanese are confirmed and devout predatory-capitalists, however, they draw the line when the pursuit of subjugating the American economy and turning American dollars into yen threatens the wellbeing of Japan. In the USA, everything is for sale as profit justifies the means no matter the consequences or who gets sold out. Then the profit propagandists admonish us with "the big lie," that; "we shouldn't be tempted by the lure of protectionism because, protectionism is why the Japanese economy is struggling." The Japanese economy is struggling because of competition from the awesome Pacific rim tigers. Then, The Wall Street Journal writes articles extolling the benefits of unlimited third world immigration and cheap labor from Mexico, they never mention that the Mexicans have devastated the 5th largest economy in the world, California...Taboo is the fact that in the south west and California, Mexicans are bankrupting social services, running the schools, medical facilities, the police and legal systems ragged, and, to add insult to injury, many work off the books, take the money out of the economy and send it back to Mexico. Also taboo is the topic that a few hundred years ago, cheap labor was the rationale for bringing ship loads of slaves here and that the bill came due starting with hundreds of thousands killed in the civil war to cleanse that mortal sin from the soul of America. And, today, we are still paying with respect to language, with 1/3rd of the country speaking Spanish, and culture, with Britney Spears grabbing her crotch in stupid, MTV videos, and a generation of kids tumbling into the abyss of a culture so vulgar that their brains are shrinking like prunes. For the first time in our history we are raising a generation that lags behind the world in language and mathematics. If it weren't for the influx of techno-talent from abroad, we would no longer be able to maintain the technological base of a nation in the developed world. But, the profit-pimps look us in the eye and tell us that exporting manufacturing jobs, turning our factories into rusting shells and Americans thrown into the street by companies like IBM that outsource engineering and technology offshore because they can buy ten engineers in India for the price of one of our guys, "is good for the economy."...Jet Blue Airlines buys 64 Air Bus aircraft from France while Boeing lays off thousands of workers because George Bush let Air Bus, subsidized by the EU cut Boeing off at the knees, and, Chrysler is exporting a frame assembly facility to Mexico, they are all traitors, so are the morons who fly Jet Blue. We will not survive the morons, the neo-cons nor the neo-commies.

Disclaimer: I think that all of the above is true, even I couldn't make this up, nobody would believe it. If you don't know that the Karl Rove and the dimwit RNC almost blew the election then, affirmative action won't help you an more than it has proved to help any other retard. Ideas, herein, that might be attributed o other writers were probably inadvertently stolen, however, the operative word in this case is, inadvertent. p.s., I don't agree with the premise that, "ignorance is no excuse") Copyright 09/09/99 Contact us at:  The Lampoonist@aol.com

I Was of the Opinion that We Could Survive the Neo-Cons, but not The Neo-Commies.

By David P. Baker

From The White House, to The Wall Street Journal and the likes of the smirking  GOP Congressman from Arizona, Jeff Flake, the profit pimps fighting tooth and nail to keep the Mexican border open are as treasonous as the Kerry/Hillary Clinton neo-Bolsheviks. While the stained rugs from the oral office in the White House are finally in their proper place in "Wet Willie" Clinton's Library, the political consequence with respect to that aspect of his legacy are directly related to the ones deposited on the sheets by the people staying in Lincoln bedroom during his infamous stewardship. In a strange coincidence, Chinese rockets were, for decades, blowing up with the predictability of cherry bombs at a Chinese New Year celebration in merry Beijing, that is, until visits to the Lincoln bedroom by persons of a particular Asian extraction. And then, a transfer of yen to the Clinton re-election war chest followed by the transfer of  super computers and Aerospace technology to China arranged by the CEO of Loral Aero-space Technology, now living in exile, led to another coincidence which was ignored by the communist media. During the campaign, China launched a rocket carrying a communications satellite accompanied by saber rattling about how they now have the ability to launch killer satellites to snuff our eyes, our surveillance satellites around the world. This is as bad as the Rosenberg's transfer of atomic secretes to the Soviets.

Neo-Kommies, Neo-Conservatives, Pick Your Poison