The Red Witch & RINO Idiots Meet at the Benghazi Gate!

At the Bengjazi hearings, it was, de ja vue all over again, ever since the Gipper vacated the scene, we wait, and wait, and wait, and wait, and then, and then a big nothing. The frustration associated with watching the Red Witch Hillary at the Benghazi Hearings was eerily similar to that which we endured at the McCain and Romney presidential campaign appearances...With guns at the ready, and in both instances, enough paint ball ammo to white wash Obama and redden Hillary the Witch Red, as usual, on Benghazi Gate, Obama and the Regime got white washed.

Well there was something, there was the self satisfied smirk on the Red Witch's mug that we see every time she deals with GOP dummies, and no doubt, Wet Willie.  And it was on her mug yesterday when she closed out the day and slammed the door in their faces...again.  Lest not we forget, McCain. He was at it again, he joined the radicals and endorsed Komrade Kerry for Secretary of State. I know what its going to take to get rid of that skunk, but I am not going to "go there" other than to say, all good things come to he who waits..

And so it was, as we sat licking our chops at the Benghazi Gate, we finally had her! We were salivating at the prospect of having the Red Witch on the griddle and commencing the unraveling of the of the Obama Communist Regime, right? wrong! The foul-mouth witch notorious for spewing f-bombs, addressed the panel with the her all too familiar, "go "f-ck yourself" attitude and contempt they so richly deserve. In fact, by now it's safe to say that they know what it feels like being Bill Clinton,

Its easy to understand why Bill played around. For one thing it was fun and better yet, what better way to stick it to that nasty piece of work. At the hearings, she countered the few instances of pressure with defiance or dismissed it by ignoring it. When the going gets tough Hillary gets nasty and she made a major gaff when on the topic, after her crocodile tears re: the Benghazi dead, the real crocodile reared it's ugly head  when she snapped, "what does it matter now." That should have been the que for the panel that had they pushed her buttons and she cracked, but not one of them seized the moment.

As usual, the RINOS recoiled like Romney did when in the final debate, the topic of Benghazi came up and Obama chastised him like a schoolboy and he folded like a $2.00 suitcase. Just another of many instances during that campaign in which I knew it was over for Romney.

Due to time constraints I was not able to confirm if Chairman of the Oversight Committee, Representative Darrel Issa participated at this week's Red Witch hearings. I found several columns regarding his findings on Benghazi which were very troubling, in November. Where was he this week?  More on that later..

In any event, once again, without rehashing the event, blow by blow, suffice it to say, it's over, HRC and BHO got away again, thanks to our feckless leaders. The back stabbing jackasses validated once and for all, the role that they played, actively, or passively that resulted in the successful Bolshevik revolution, the Kenyan Buffoon in the White House and the Iron Curtain descending on the American Saga. The Benghazi cover-up lasted until the election was over and the Kenyan was re-elected by a nation of sycophants, morons and Marxists. And it has still not been uncovered. It looks like in a few weeks it will be business as usual and Obama's Final Solution for America will commence post haste...Oh by the way, Hillary, if you cut a deal with the Obama Regime to get a free pass to the White House in 2016, remember 2008?