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The Parade of RINO Relics -

I knew it was over when it became obvious that  Romney adopted Rove's "how to lose campaigns implementing the

strategy of passive non-aggression w/ lips plastered to the ass of the opposition"

by David C. Baker

The Architect Rove whose signature achievements included back door deals w/the Democrats that took Bush and the Republican Party from the pinnacle of power to; kicked out both houses of Congress and Bush back to Crawford in disgrace. The GOP has been smoldering on the political trash heap ever since.. 

Romney's next genius move was to align himself w/RINO traitors led by The Architect & FOX  and declare war on The Tea Party which sealed his doom. The most insulting was Romney's silence re: the Benghazi Massacre, it was tantamount to Obama's letting our people twist in the wind. It was disgraceful

The Final Chapter: There has been no shortage of post mortems regarding Romney's ghastly campaign and defeat, how about we add this one to the sentiments of the segment of the population who were infuriated and devastated by Romney's failure and defeat.

The aftermath: contemplating the consequences of the daily outrages of the wild out of control Dictator, how about one last go-round at why we are infuriated!  Considering what middle America will suffer in a 2nd Obama regime, I couldn't care less about rumors that Romney took the loss hard. After losing, despite evidence of rampant voter fraud, he and his campaign capons along with the RNC  folded their tents, took all their millions and resources, and skipped town, leaving conservatives holding the bag..

A week after smoke cleared, Romney was in the White House following   Barack Hussein Obama around like a puppy. It was the best of Kabuki Theatre. Very Bush like by the way. There are dozens of photo opps with every Bush in the clan at one time or another with lips plastered to the posteriors of Clinton and Obama…

As for Romney's anguish, he is back in business making the big bucks none the worse for wear and his idiot sons are going around saying Mittens didn't really want the office & the job.

Now to the topic of the combination of flawed logic, terminal political fecklessness and stupidity that led to the litany of fatal f-ck-ups of Romney and the tone deaf, and totally out of touch with the real world morons who ran his campaign. This should sum it all up despite an outline of all the issues that contributed to Romney's and our demise with him would fill a book.

1 - The Ryan pick was a debacle. It's a strong possibility that Marco Rubio, attractive, slick and a dynamic campaigner would have delivered Florida.  As for Ryan, only a moron would make an issue out of, and insult seniors for collecting  "their" Social Security in an election cycle. And to add insult injury, to this day, they never mention that the Social Security fund was bankrupted funding dozens of programs for parasites who never contributed a nickel to the coffers. Maybe it's because the parasites voted early and often but it matters not, tens of millions of white folk didn't participate in the political process...

2 -  Due to his steadfast refusal to attack BHO, Romney came off a disingenuous phony, which he was.


The Opening Statement at the Debates that Mitt Romney & His Idiot Campaign Operatives Didn't Have the Brains, Moxie or Guts to Deliver...

"My fellow Americans, Mr. President, with no accomplishments worth noting here, for months you framed a campaign around attacks on me - bold as brass you went before the public and ridiculed me, my wife and family and cheapened and made a spectacle of this process. The best you could do was a bogus misrepresentation about my tax return and the litany of lies was/is impressive. Well Mr. President, this is campaign not going to be about me. For emphasis, NOT ABOUT ME! And not about, one individual tax return!  From here on in, this is going to be about you and the most corrupt administration in history.

In 4 short years you ransacked the treasury and devastated the economy. With the nation on her knees,  trillions of dollars have disappeared down a rat hole.  Starting with Solyndra and others to be uncovered.   

The list of the funds misappropriated and gobbled up by nefarious entities  in bogus enterprises dressed up as green energy enterprises  is as long as your arm.

Mr. President, when the American people elect me, I am going to go up the chain, to the top if necessary to find that money,  and, I am going to prosecute to the letter of the law any and all who misappropriated those funds and those who benefited from and exploited the tax payers money for personal gain. You appropriated, that's the diplomatic term, 70 billion from Medicare to fund Obamacare and what do seniors get for their money?   

1-Obama Care: Pg.272. section 11454 Cancer treatments and Coronary procedures will be

rationed according to the patient's age. Instead the patient will be scheduled for counsel

ing In order to help them come to terms with the consequences of the aging process.

In diplomatic terms, Mr. President that is tantamount to a death Sentence. In reality, it is murder! This is what has become of America, murder of our senior citizens and abortion of millions of babies annually. And whether or not I am elected, I am going to find the resources to appoint a panel go through every page of that abomination and expose every outrage for the American people to see! The smug look on your face as you signed is indelibly burned in my memory and I will die with it in my memory.

Your first foreign policy initiative was to pack up the bust of Winston Churchill in a pine box and ship it back to England.  You traveled the world bowing and scraping before Middle Eastern leaders and, made a farce of behavioral protocols in Europe. The dynamics of diplomacy and foreign policy in the Middle East is complicated by tribal rivalries and Israel are truly mind boggling, but you took it past that. You rebuffed Israel's Benjamin Netanyahu's request to discuss the situation in Iran.  And Russia's Vladimir Putin passed up a meeting with you.

Try as you may, this is NOT about me, Mr. President, however your response to all hell breaking loose in the Middle East was to go before the cameras on the networks and say that I have no foreign policy experience. On foreign policy you make Carter look like a Mt. Rushmore candidate. 21 Countries in flames - millions burning the flag. In Libya your policy was to support the rebels who slaughtered President Gadaffi  and subsequently our ambassador.

Your Secretary of State, Mrs. Clinton, there's that name again, in an interview, available on You Tube on the topic of the Gadaffi assassination, laughing said, "we came, we saw, he died." In Egypt, again you backed the Muslim brotherhood and overthrew President Mubarak who for thirty years maintained the Peace Treaty between Egypt and Israel hammered out by Menachem Begin and the Martyred Anwar Sadat gave his life for. Under Mubarak, Christians lived in peace and prospered in Egypt. Now that the Obama backed Muslim Brotherhood is in power, Christian Churches are burning and Christians are being slaughtered.  All of that blood is on your hands Mr. President not mine or Bain.

It is difficult to be loved all around the conflicted globe, but never has the United States been disrespected and held in such contempt.  When you are out of our White House Mr. President, all the American people yearning to breath free, can say, "Free at Last, Good God Almighty, Free at Last"! We now have an American President in the White House.  Mr. President, I can guarantee this is not going to be about me  about me this about you.

Not only did they make it about Romney, they pummeled him like a red-headed step son and feasted on Rience Preibus, and the RNC'S lunch.