"Republican Poll-Cats - The Gang That Can't Shoot Straight"

[Prophetic as it was Insightful]

One day, I turned on the car radio and heard the most insightful perspective on the belly crawling pole cats masquerading as Republican party leaders.


And why was it on Limbaugh's show? Because, The Great Gas Bag took the day off and the guest host called on Pat Cadell to air his views on the election and state of politics in America. Pat Caddell a lifelong, "liberal Democrat," is a pollster of note and political pundit who spent a good part of his career as a strategist for the Democrat party and politicians. And, he is a true American patriot when in these days, liberal patriots are rare birds indeed.


Pat has come to grips with some harsh realities. To wit, the word "liberal" like the word "gay" has been hijacked. Gay is no longer happy, it is now synonymous with depravity and buggery. "Liberal" no longer congers up images of free thinking, tolerance and intellectualism, it is now synonymous with the politics of festering, America-hating Fascism and leftist bigotry. 


His assessment of the political situation in America and the Democrat party is this: 

Obama is a tyrant wannabe and his administration, the under belly of a cult of the world's most dangerous apparachiks. And, horror of horrors, they have risen to the pinnacle of power in America.  


Led by the likes of George Soros and walking in lock step with him and Obama, the Democrat party, infested by the rogue elements of the Soros'  America-hating, power- mad, One World Government movement, spent the last two years in Congress, literally spitting in the face of the American people. In two short years, they have amassed so much power that they have this country's and the world's economy, in total chaos, a bloody mass, floundering on the verge of collapse.


And now the Republicans: First the good news. Recently after decades of having had their collective fannies kicked from pillar to post, a sufficient number of what for several decades has been a comatose American public awakened from their stupor, rose up in the last election and repudiated the "jack booted," black-racist, African, Arab, Muslim dictator wannabe and took control of the House of Representatives...  


The Republican party is afflicted with a lethal combination of quislings, cowards, morons and power brokers who are so far behind the curve that they believe that the key to their staying in power is to play ball with the Democrats.  You know these RINO castrati; Boehner, Brown, Huckabee, Bush, McCain, Rove, Romney, [there's an empty suit for you]  Gingrich etc., The same back-stabbing jackals who fought the Tea Party wave from the git-go while the rest sat on the sidelines waiting to see which direction America's political cesspool was going flow...


According to Pat, in this last election, the Republicans were dealt a "royal flush" and he added, however, never underestimate the ability of this bunch of morons to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory..


Once again, following the Bush Rove model, they will squander this opportunity and once again, deal America the final blow and throw an unsuspecting American people under the bus and flush the American dream down the toilet.   [which they & Romney did]

This cabal of belly crawling polecats wouldn't attack a mouse, much less, take the sword in hand and go at the Bolshevik enemies of the country. As I write this, they are admonishing the Tea Party about being too militant, too right wing, and through coercion and every means at their disposal, are, trying to force them to compromise and continue to make back door deals with Obama.   [which they are]


The next time you see that Son of a Bush, George on Hannity and O'Reilly hawking his book, think about the massive Mexican invasion he waved in over the borders, think about the rust belt and the factories and jobs he shipped abroad and his statement about how "we all benefit from a strong global economy."  


Watching things unfold, you need not be a political maven to see the traps the Bolsheviks are already setting for these boobs. While the world's Bolshevik, banking giants clean out the treasury and Bernanke prints money and devalues the currency, they are going after the 401K's, social security and various retirement funds. They will blame the Republican Party of morons who will take the bait and yammer about socialism and tax and spend "liberals."  How they  are going to have to do their part if the economy is to recover. [got it right again]


Terrified of the word immigration, they say nothing as Obama continues where the Son of a Bush left off, handing millions of aliens, not just Mexicans, billions in tax payer funded giveaways, aliens of every stripe from the third world have turned America's hospitals into bastard factories popping out a hundred thousand new, racist, America-hating parasites every day. All this while promoting the abortion of millions of our babies, genocide, a blood bath cloaked in high-sounding horse -bleep about "woman's rights." It's a holocaust.


By the time these fiends are finished carving up this bunch of RINO- Republican morons, you can bet the ranch on Obama winning in 2012 Happy Winter Break.