The Sons Of Bushes 

The Clan of Back Stabbing RINOS Back-hand America's White Men Across the Face Again

These bastards won't go away. This the latest Son Of A Bush,           

George Prescott Bush, the of progeny of Son Of A Bush

Jeb, bears a suprising resemblance to Barack Hussein Obama

His Anglo name is the only concession he makes regarding 

his Anglo roots.

He considers himself Hispanic gratis his Mexican mother Columba and recently filed papers in a Texas jurisdiction to run for office. I'm even surprised that he let them put him in a picture with his idiot uncle, Son Of A Bush 2.

Like father like son, the mealy-mouthed bastard, Jeb has said many times: "the Republican Party will never win another election being perceived as the White Guy's Party." It's natural that they figure he has a better shot at a political career in Texas as a Latino, than an Anglo, thanks to their betraying America's white guys, and if those guys continue to prefer a table at Hooter's instead of the voting booth on election day, they will be right.

As for the back stabbing bastards, after spending 20 yrs.  waving Mexicans over the border, they have done more to, not only turn the ethnic make up of the nation upside down, but more specifically from our standpoint, nullify the political clout, and the vote of the progeny of the Founders, the ones who do participate in the electoral process.

Recently, good ole' W went in front of the TV cameras and lectured us regarding immigration, saying that Mexican entrapeneures have been a boon to the economy. Mexicans have been a boon to the economy as long as you ignore the billions for education, bi-lingual education, the free bee health care system, living stipends, housing, welfare, food stamps and stress on law enforcement, legal aid lawyers and the prison systems. Then there's drugs, the rapes, murders and violent crime wave and gang activity in America's barrios., spilling out into the surrounding neighborhoods.

The combination of  W's global economy initiatives devastated the economy and manufacturing, and open borders policy put him almost on the level of Barack Hussein Obama as one of the most destructive traitors in history.  And they can all "go to hell" which is exactly where they have been telling us to go for generations.