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The Final Romney Post Mortem

"The Lampoonist-American"

by Your Perpetrator in Chief David C. Baker

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Destined to Strike Fear & Terror in the Hearts of The Thugs in the Obama Regime, a 'Fired-Up' RNC Chairman,

Reince Pree Bee Announced, "This Time Around, he and Rove, the architects of both the McCain & Romney debacles, are going-in for "The Kill" in the November Mid-Terms and 2016... 


      by Idiotorial Assistant: Tempestuous Fugh-It 10/12/14

Noting Democrats avoiding Obama like a skunk at a garden party, with fire in his eyes and teeth dripping blood, Pree Bee went before the FOX cameras and answered the call of a nation desperate for a War Time Consiglieri to arrange a change of venue for the 2 Bit Punk in the White House, to more appropriate accommodations in a cell at Leavenworth Prison [where he belongs.] Citing the McCain and Romney campaigns as examples of  "never change a winning strategy, Pree Bee unveiled his new 'Passive Aggressive' Strategy for victory in November and the White House in 2016.

The old warrior proclaimed that "we Republicans must dispel the notion that we are the party of 'no' and the perception that we are against Obama, which is ridiculous." That's it! After Obama imported Ebola and orchestrated the invasion of millions of disease ravaged alien savages and  has America careening off the rails, Pree Bee doesn't want to be perceived as being, against Obama!  He was so proud of himself, that he capped that off with his spellbinding 11 Bullet Point Platform, which is essentially the 3rd time around for same twaddle  that landed McCain and Romney in the dumpster starting in '08. That's a 7 year record of egregious flops.

The Mealy-Mouthed, Mexophile Son-of-a-Bush said:

"The Republican party will never win another election as the White Guy's Party." So, Jebby's running for President of whom & what country? Certainly not White Guys. Click -> Mealy-Mouthed Mexophile




Jebby raised his 'own' home grown, Gringo-hating, La Raza Alumnus, Jorge Prescott Bush.


This is Before Obama Got Into the Act! - Now, Ebola & Isis Are Coming...

This Mexican demonstration of contempt for the USA and you and me, is the legacy of Bush and the GOP "capitalist profit pimps." Gratis Boehner, McConnell, Flake, etc, it is indeed the Obama/Clinton Bolshevik's

Dream Come True....Imagine if that many white people showed up at the Washington Monument? 

Para Español………. ….Prensa uno

         Ebonics …………...Press 2 + Bitch

Gringos & All Others…..Press 0

The solution: Load Every America-Hating-Racist-Psychopath-Felon-Pedophile-Welfare Cheat-Thug-Gangster who refuses to learn English and come here legally on cattle trucks, and dump their disrespectful, racist asses back in Mexico where they belong….And send the Bush clan with them. And, Son Of A Bush Jeb can run for President of Mexico, where he and the rest of the Clan belong. 

Paul "the idiot" Ryan, Wins 2013 RINO Doofus of the Year - Looks Like He's Going for the 2-fer in 2014 & Maybe 2016? 

On the Budget Deal, Pat Murray Nailed Perennial Challenger, uber-Doofus Paul Ryan's gonads to the Christmas table next to the Nuts, Figs, Dates & Fruitcake, effectively bringing down the curtain on Scott Brown's Tenure at the Top of the "A" List of RINO Morons.

by Izzy Facto 01/18/2014

Although Romney didn't need any help, Paul Ryan contributed mightily to the RINO/Romney "fizzle fest" in the last election. The doofus Ryan's rise to the pinnacle of power in RINODOM, rubber stamped Pat Caddell's assessment of the Republicans as a bunch of nit wits who will squander every "gift wrapped" opportunity and snatch defeat from the jaws of victory. And they did.

So there was our hero, Ryan, standing on the on the stump pounding his chest declaring himself, "a fiscal conservative." With great fanfare, he essentially threw seniors and Baby Boomers over the side promising to rein in spending on entitlements such as Social Security and Medicare, not the 100's of billions they squander on the care and feeding of welfare cheats and the dozens of parasite groups sucking those coffers dry, including illegal aliens. 

And the Democrats gleefully jumped all over [that one]. Remember the DNC campaign commercials showing GOP morons running granny off a cliff in a wheel chair?  And with her went the senior vote, the rest is history.

Let's recap: in the previous iteration of the budget deal, the T-Party brought Congressional RINOS kicking and screaming into the fray in an effort to rein in spending. Although the sequester and shut down was Obama's policy, he twisted a dagger in the gut of military vets and various conservative constituencies, then blamed the befuddled Republican oafs, who took the fall, as they always do.

So, once again, it was budget time and the Christmas, oops, "holiday" season which as you know, is a time for giving, and Ryan, did not disappoint. He had a genius moment, he saw an opportunity-he's going to show America that in the spirit of bi-partisanship, the Republicans can reach across the great divide and forge deals and stick-it to conservatives in general and the Tea Party, in particular, with the best of them.

In any event, sweet Patty Murray saw him coming from a mile away, and she and the Ivy League Bolshevik sharpies set the "jackass" up with one of those, "you have to pass it, to know what's in it." and he took the bait, "hook line and stinker."

He was so proud of the Budget Deal that he hammered-out with Patty that she couldn't bring herself to rain on his parade, so at the announcement of The Deal, she stood aside and let Ryan take all the credit for this, his crowning achievement. And, as he gushed like a school girl about Patty's heroics and sacrifices, I became extremely uncomfortable.  Well, this time, Ryan and the RINO minions "got 'er done" alright. After they took the vote and passed the bill, some wise ass actually read the thing and discovered that, after Obama sent billions to the Muslim Brotherhood, this time around, the moron Ryan, a model of consistency, threw America's Military vets off the cliff. And, they are busy as beavers setting-up the bozos to be the bad guys on the minimum wage issue and extension of unemployment benefits to the victims of Obama's economic malfeasance. 

And so with a, "Ho Ho Ho! & Happy Holiday!" the military is in an uproar and the rest of the conservative community is screaming bloody murder! And the RINO idiots are chasing their asses trying figure out how to get out from under this one.  Happy RINO Hunting in 2014   .…