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Katie Couric Exposes the Conservative Idiocracy on the 2nd Amendment 05-27-2016

I Katie Couric assembled a panel of the usual conservatives with sub-room temperature IQ's for a discussion of the 2nd amendment, that by the way, Professor Dershowitz says is absurd and should be repealed. In any event, licking her chops, she asked rhetorically "how can you prevent felons and terrorists from buying guns without background checks?"   I am not going to repeat the lame responses when the only answer is: Ms. Couric, that line of inquiry is an insult to the intelligence of any boob in possession of a room temperature IQ.

#1 -  The last place the overwhelming majority of felons and terrorists go to procure AK-47 squirrel guns, is the Friendly Neighborhood gun shop.  If you don't know that the source that they tap is the black market, then you are the moron in this charade. The little rodent [Couric] couldn't resist some chicanery,  she had another trick up her sleeve. After asking the question, her producer patched into that segment, a 20 second pregnant pause with the boobs' sitting with eyes glazed over, looking stupefied, which was actually footage of the panel sitting in silence prior to the beginning of the program. The left is as morally depraved as the conservative culture is stupid.     


The Snakes and the 'Devil'

Ryan 'The Manchurian Idiot'

This 'Judas' is Public Enemy Number 2

This Back Stabbing Lackey, Romney's 2012 VP Running Mate attacked Seniors on the Issue of Social Security, not the Welfare 'Leeches' Draining the Coffers of Their Life Long Investment.

No sooner had conservatives dispatched the back stabbing RINO imposter Boehner to political exile, before they could savor their victory, like a bizarre jack in a box, out pops the Boehner clone, Paul Ryan. And like his predecessor, he's a certified boot licking lackey except, this version is a moron.

On this Memorial Day Weekend - All Hail The Titular Leader of The Muslim World!

As Time Winds Down Towards His Exit from Our White House, in What Might be Construed as the First of What Might be Many Parting Cheap-Shots at the People He Despises, in a Supreme Insult, the Kenyan Clown Prince /Jackass had the Audacity to board Air Force One and Fly to Japan on the Eve of the Memorial Day weekend, and turn the proceedings into a Moratorium on Hiroshima & Nagasaki.

by Political Editor Tempestuous Fugh-It

On the weekend that we set aside to mourn and celebrate the lives of millions of our beloved fathers and grandfathers, who sacrificed their lives in World Wars all over the globe, he besmirched the sacrifice and memory of of those who died, cold and alone, face down in a mud puddle in some God forsaken hell-hole, and we dare not ask, for what?

And so it was, on one bright sunny day, as thousands of unsuspecting souls began a new day, or the last day of the rest of their lives, they saw the sky open up and the fires of hell rein down, and in an instant, thousands of lives were snuffed and many that survived the conflagration, were incinerated and burned beyond recognition. And on the day of the Memorial Day weekend, a grateful nation witnessed their President and spiritual leader, the Imam Barack Hussein Obama commemorate that day and moment in time, with a wreath laying ceremony in Hiroshima…That's right, Hiroshima, not the Arizona Memorial in Hawaii's Pearl Harbor, nor Arlington Cemetery. Well I must admit, I'm grateful that he didn't show up there to stink up the place..

The Bushido 'Code of Honor' & The Tradition of  Sharia Honor Killing

The 'jackass' stuck his foot in his big mouth and delivered some soul stirring, twaddle about how the world must effect moral evolution, while in the backdrop are images of Muslim women and girls being tortured, faces horribly disfigured by acid attacks, stoned to death and beheaded by Obama's Muslim Brothers in the time honored Sharia tradition, known as 'honor killings' And, the genocide and slaughter of millions of Christian infidels, in honor of Allah - Allah u Akbar…

You read correctly "Obama's Muslim Brothers." Several highly placed individuals in the Muslim world have proclaimed Obama to be a Muslim, Oooops, many times FOX Network's 'Great Gas Bag' O'Reilly admonished his audience on the topic of Obama's being a Muslim saying, "there is no evidence whatsoever to suggest Obama is a Muslim." "And that's a memo" and I say, that's a crock of baked bull-crap.. What could be more compelling proof, than Obama's show of contempt for our War Dead on Memorial Day Weekend?. 

And on this weekend, we would be remiss if we didn't also acknowledge on this solemn occasion, the Japanese Bushido Code of Honor [valor?] And I can't let this opportunity pass without the observation that, using the term 'honor' in either instance, is yet, another crock of twice baked bull-crap . . 

Was the sneak attack at Pearl Harbor an act of honor by 'honorable'  Bushido Warriors?  What was Bushido, or honorable about the Rape of Nan King? Nan King will live in infamy in the annals of human massacres in which, helpless women, children [skewered on the swords] of the honorable Bushido warriors, and civilians, were slaughtered in broad daylight in an orgy of sadistic killing and butchery that boggles the mind. 

What was honorable about the mass rape of Korea's [comfort women?] like predator animals impervious to the screams of the prey they are shredding alive, accounts of the screams and shrieking of little girls and woman filling the night air as they were being ravaged by rabid Japanese animals, had no effect on the savages, as they continued unabated 24-7 for what seemed to be an eternity for Korean people living in the vicinity -  who will forever be haunted by the sounds. As I understand it, to this day, the Japanese refuse to acknowledge the atrocities, offer an apology, express regret, much less than profer an explanation for such cruel, sadistic, savagery. And what does that say about a nation of woman who were the mothers, and also the fathers who raised such fiends.

So there he was in the news footage, the clown-Kenyan Prince in the Hiroshima Memorial Museum gazing at the relics and artifacts - the singed torn clothing worn by students in the bombing. The gut wrenching accounts typified by the skin and nails of a junior high school boy that were kept as relics by his mother after he died. All too often we are held to account, to bear the burden of guilt for what happened in Hiroshima & Nagasaki. And so, let's cut to the chase, contemplate the fate of our sons and little children, our mothers, sisters and daughters when they became the 'comfort women' had those 'devils' conquered and occupied America.

And had those bombs not been dropped, millions more American families would have been decimated and mothers of Reilly, O'Brien, Stagliano, Johnson, Sawatski, Zaleski, Smith, Harrison, Jones, Fernandez, Tuortomasi, and Armstrong consigned to live out their lives, forever racked with grief and loss.... 

Do the Japanese people ever vent their wrath at the wild treacherous maniacs who started that war? Are the leaders ever held to account for the wanton squandering of the lives of millions of the flower of Japanese youth...Have Japanese dignitaries ever come here and conducted a wreath laying ceremony at Arlington? Or the Arizona Memorial in Pearl Harbor? Did they ever apologize and express remorse to the mothers of the sons in graves in Arlington? I don't know.

I do know this, I don't care how many more bombs it would have taken to end that war, and the ones looming on the horizon. We have an honored tradition that is summed-up in two words, 'Bombs Away!'