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"A Nation Can Survive It's Fools, Even the Ambitious, But Not It's Enemies Within" 

This Manchurian Idiot betting his ass on a 'brokered convention'  overplayed his hand and stuck a dagger in Trump's back!  Surprise! Trump won the primary. After years of  playing both ends against the middle, according to Tucker Carlson, he and the rogue RINOS are backing Clinton. If and when Trump wins, maybe President Trump will give him a job, they always need waiters in the Trump Tower eateries...




This Crass Opportunist Rolled the Dice and Threw His Lot in w/the Lowest of the Corrupt  RNC's RINO Snakes.  A Barometer as to Trumps fortunes at any given time, he exploited every opportunity to attack the voter's choice, and it was not just about Trump, his treachery exposed the vast underbelly of the RNC & their agenda. This Stooge - as stupid as he is transparent, swallowed hook line sinker the DNC bullshit that Mexicans, Muslims and Mau Maus will pick the President. [Clinton]. He believes his  intrigue, ass kissing and helping to derail Trump will keep him in on the gravy train. Brief Summation:

  • Vowed to sue Trump for the Muslim Ban!

  • Piled-on w/Racist [La Raza] Mexicans, RINOS, Clinton, Leftist Media and Curiel the LaRaza Judge Against Trump!

  • Attacked Trump's opposition to Obama's ramped-up Syrian\ISIS Invasion!

  • Sided with Clinton & Obama ramping up the Mexican Invasion.

With the images of Islamic slaughter in the background, and backlash becomes a fury, he's moderating the anti-Trump rhetoric, telling voters to vote their conscience.  As people in Orlando continue to die, this devil doesn't have one...See more of his treachery below:


This back Stabbing Skunk, Romney's VP Running Mate attacked Seniors on the issue of Social Security, not the Welfare 'Leeches' Draining the Coffers of their life long investment. Attacks Trump...

'Betrayal' is a Useful Idiot's Only Path to Wealth & Fortune

As 'Obama's Deep Throat' the Traitor Cashed-in.

He Built a Fence Around his Mansion

Signed on to 1.6 Billion to Resettle Illegals in USA

Writes Check to Sanctuary Cities

Gift Wraps for Obama and Speeds the Omnibus  Bill to the Floor

Joining Clinton's RINO'S Agenda to Derail Trump Against the Will of the Voters

By Izzi Facto - 06-18-2016

In a nutshell, doing the bidding of the Obama Regime and RINO establishment collaborators is why he's there, and the payback? A moron becomes fabulously wealthy. Its beginning to look like Trump is our only recourse to put an end to the corrupt, cabal of traitors that turned the Republican Party and Congress into Parliament of Whores. RNC traitors starting with Rience Preibus and the Cabal of Bush, Rove, Cheney neocons doing the bidding of Soros' Banking and Finance Mafia, are terrified of Trump. A step in the right direction, repudiate Ryan and Elect Trump...…

Profile of the Obama Appointee 'Judge' Curiel - who just coincidentally happens to be

a Racist Mexican Snake …Ryan Attacks Trump….

As a member of any organization named La Raza he is by definition, a racist, as would any 'white guy' associated with an outfit joined at the hip with the KKK...

According to the San Diego La Raza Lawyers Association Website:

1 - He's a Member the San Diego La Raza Lawyers Association. He's a racist                                                                                                  2 - Repeatedly backed extreme anti-enforcement.                          He's a Criminal Advocate                                                                           3 - Pro-illegal immigrant speakers and causes.                               He's Guilty of Sedition

He should be disbarred and Ryan run out of D.C. on a rail..

Twerking the Idiocracy…Ryan Attacks Trump...

By Editor in Chief Tempestuous Fughit

Mexican, Muslim & Minority Racism - Ryan Attacks Trump….

Election Year Violence - Ryan Attacks Trump….

Islamic Terrorism - Ryan Attacks Trump….

Remember when the America-hating Kenyan Prince said he was going to transform America?

The Transformation is Almost Complete

Attend a Trump Rally - Welcome to Benghazi

The future of a couple of generations of apathetic white American idiots on the fast track to living in a sea of Obama's third world savages in Obama & Hillary's Jungle…is now.

At Trump rallies in cities across the nation, the pictures on the screen told the story in 'living color' as hundreds of LaRaza thugs and garden variety Mexican racists, shoved Mexican flags in the faces of Trump supporters and burned 'old glory'…

And, never to miss an opportunity to attend a party, without fear of consequences, much less retaliation from the witless Gringos, black thugs joined the mob launching vicious blind side attacks on men, and assaulting and abusing  pretty women, [that's correct 'pretty' white women] unopposed, neither by the gutless Gringos, nor the riot police. The riot police, obviously in stand-down mode ordered by a Hispanic mayor in one city, and in another, by an affirmation-action appointed, jackass chief of police, take your choice, admirably kept their cool, and did nothing as a mob of savages chased a skinny blond-haired kid running for his life, seeking sanctuary in a police barricade. The cops continued to do nothing when obviously tiring, he was run down by a black bro' on fresh legs, subsequently tackled and slammed to the ground.

So, in Hillary, Obama's and Ryan's America, hyphenated savages have brought the jungle to a city near you. I think officials should issue Trump autographed baseball bats to attendees of his rallies, but, only to those who request one, and are capable of putting it to good use….

- Obama's ISIS Recruitment Program in America - Ryan Led RINOS Attack Trump

In the wake of the previous night's terrorist slaughter in Orlando, on one of FOX Sunday morning programs, a 'breezy' Democrat Congresswoman cited ISIS's recruiting on the Internet being responsible for the spread of ISIS terrorism. Did you expect her to suggest that America should have a Congressional Oversight Committee investigate the Imam in Chief's ISIS recruitment program?  Spanning a significant portion of his tenure, he flooded this nation with tens of thousands of Muslim aliens with no paper trail…I almost forgot, the savages from Mexico and all points south..

Speaking of the Imam, his response to the Orlando massacre, was a direct hit on the 2nd amendment, gotta' do something about those white guy terrorists and their squirrel guns. Although he has gotten away with murder - combining the release of criminals and importing Jihad, it's backfiring because, to the millions of gun owners, add tens of millions of new white guy firearm enthusiasts to the mix. HAPPY HUNTING HOMER, JETHRO, BUBBA and AJ !!!   

If Trump is elected, Obama beware, Hillary beware, and the RINOS who have been protecting his butt all these years, should also beware, that's why they are working in conjunction with the Clinton machine to derail Donald Trump…     

La Raza Judge Litigating the [Trump U] Case - Ryan Attacks Trump not the Racist Judge

I'll preface my remarks thusly: had  the roles been reversed and Trump was the Black business guy and the Judge presiding over a case against him was a member of the San Diego Association of KKK Lawyers, the tons of guacamoli hitting the fan and flying around the studios at FOX & Fops would stuff O'Reilly's big mouth and clog ears..

This is all too typical of the B.S. he and Kelly have been shoveling Trump's way whenever the opportunity arises to do so under the guise of objective journalism. The name La Raza whether La Raza Lawyers or La Raza scum, the term translated is "The Race" See the race below..

Need we remind you that this is the same Great Gas Bag and B.S. artist who for years admonished his audience that there is no evidence to suggest Obama is a Muslim, [and that's memo] has not mentioned the topic despite several highly regarded Arab sources opined that Obama is a Muslim, probably Shiite. To reiterate, The Great Gas Bag & Kelly agreed that the Judge's membership in the San Diego Association of 'La Raza Lawyers' has nothing to do with the virulently racist Supremacist outfit La Raza.

And, the only logical reason why Obama is determined to disarm white Americana and not ISIS is because he is a Muslim. He is now a lame duck, maybe, a sitting duck…

The La Raza Story & Ryan Led RINO Enablers

In the backdrop of the violent Mexican crime wave, street violence and rape - from the podium at La Raza political rallies, racist goons proclaim that although the Gringos are a dying race, they just aren't doing it fast enough to suit La Raza, and anything that speeds up the process is fine them. By the way, George Prescott Bush who identifies himself as Hispanic [gratis his Latina activist mother] we hear both have been known to frequent La Raza functions.

In education, it's more of the same -  racist goons feed little La Raza wannabes La Razist rat poison, and the beat goes on as the infestation travels to the top of  the judicial system where the screw-ball judges are joined by their like minded, members of Congress and the whole rotting mass flows all the way up to the White House, where they join Obama's Muslim  appointees festering in every nook and cranny in the State Department, the West Wing and the Attorney General's office, the occupant of which is a bigger jackass than the buffoon, she replaced.   

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Ain't it strange?  Black Lives don't matter in Chicago. Good Day….