President Trump & Crisis?


The Final Romney Post Mortem

"The Lampoonist-American"

by Your Perpetrator in Chief David C. Baker

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All The Ear Marks of a Palace Coup - It's Game-On!

President Pence, Tillerson & Mattice Draw 1st. Blood.

Go Rogue in Brussels Hammering Putin and Pledging Support of EU in Opposition to

Trump - Bannon Administration's Stated Policy.

Status of Tax Cuts & ACA Replacement?

Like Hi-Stakes Poker, Trump Regime Dodged a Bullet When Bannon Nixed

    Zionists Elliot Abrams' & Neocon Bolton's Cabinet Appointments...

According to Cokie Roberts on NPR This Morning, Dems Are Discussing

the Topic of Congressional Oversight of The Executive Branch, With Jason Chaffetz ...


The Threat is Real - The Neocons Who Dominated the Bush Presidency are Lurking. They Got the Scalp of Flynn but Bannon, infuriated Tillerson when he outfoxed him and blocked the appointment of [Zionist/Neocon]

        apparatchik Elliot Abrams, and then doubled down and appointed McMaster over John Bolton.

Pence, [looking more and more like a classic RINO] and Tillerson, Abrams & Bolton would have created a significant paradigm shift in the balance of power in the Cabinet. But, not to be outdone, is it possible that the not so stealthy Ryan is stalling for time on Tax Cuts & Obama Care to see who wins this fight?

The Long Knives Are Out For Bannon: Jennifer Rubin in the Washington Post wrote a column "Why Bannon must be Fired." Primarily because of his pro-Soviet tilt toward Détente with Russia. She cites former State Department Zionist Eliot Cohen, saying that Bannon's shadow NSC staff must be neutered [Before they, the Zionist Neocons can take over the Trump Administration] Italics mine. She says they must convince Trump to get rid of Bannon or see his Presidency fail! It's like watching a bunch of rats at a garbage dump...

The Key To Every Move is:

Who Benefits form the Demise of Putin and Trump? Soros & EU!

The EU Banking & Finance Mafia! owns the Federal Reserve Bank. Let's start a list of suspects who now are out of the woodwork, out in the open, running towards the lights in the cracks in the door. Why are McCain, Graham & Co collaborating w/Zionist Soros' while he's investing billions to over throw Trump & depose Putin? [re-read the heading] Who Benefits?

Short List of 'Mole' Suspects...

1 - Tillerson, went right for Putin's  jugular in Brussels along with Pence, Mattis and McCain.

2 - [Pence] why so determined to get rid of Flynn? After all, it was Obama's CIA that set him up. Pence finished him off. Trump inclination to stick by Flynn, was duped by Pence who stabbed Trump & Flynn in the back. Trump should have never caved on Flynn…He blew it...The long view: If Trump blows-out, Pence is [in]...

3 -  Zionist Mr. Kushner a suspect?  Kushner in absentia early in the campaign, raised eyebrows [big time].   

       When the campaign got serious traction, there he was. Rumor has it that Kushner's brother was spotted participating in anti-Trump rallies. Also, rarely do 'orthodox' Jews swear allegiance to any nation other than Israel.

4 - The 'blow hard' General Mad-Dog Mattis blustered and strutted, doing his best Patton impression, throwing his weight around like a tom-turkey with feathers sticking out of  his ass. We don't need Mattiss doing the ugly American, drill sergeant version of the Ali Shuffle, playing 'chicken' with a room full of high echelon Russian military dignitaries. Or if you prefer, the representatives of a nation with the capacity to turn the earth into a mass of radio active glass, carbon and cinder, burnt to a crisp, glowing in the dark in a million year nuclear winter. I wouldn't be surprised if Putin announced that he is persona-non-grata, and that he, his generals and diplomatic corps, won't be participating in any functions at which Mattiss is in attendance.

5 - One day after Nikki Haley was confirmed UN Ambassador, she was on the UN floor 'bashing' Putin.

Trump Must Meet w/Pat Buchanan & Maybe Newt' Immediately - Bannon Needs Help!

He Can't Keep Getting Wins Over This Gang of  Assassins by Himself...

      Trump is so isolated from reality that he told Putin he has to give up Crimea - He has no clue that the EU Mafia funded by our State Department annexed Ukraine and Crimea in a violent overthrow of the legally elected pro-Russian government?     


Enough of the Putin B.S.! Why Are They Trying to Depose Trump & Putin?

Détente, is the best kept secret that Putin has been pursuing for over a decade...Months before Mad Dog did his 'command performance' Professor Emeritus of Russian Studies and History at Princeton and NYU Steven Cohen has been leading a coterie of dozens of voices in the wilderness, trying to penetrate the wall of propaganda flying around the State Department for 15 years regarding Vladimir Putin the KGB Assassin.

* Yes, and you O'Reilly, I guess it's just coincidence that I can't recall seeing Professor Emeritus of Russian Studies and History at Princeton and NYU Steven Cohen on 'The Factor.'  *Correction I saw a You tube of Professor Cohen on the O'Flatus Edition of the Factor. The Great Gas Bag did not allocate enough time to explore the subject in any depth, and he steam rolled Professor Cohen's attempts at reasoned polite discourse...02-19-17

Ain't it Interesting, That the Very Same People Who Have Been Trying To Get Rid of Putin, Are Also Trying to Bring Down the Presidency of Donald Trump...

And, the term 'assassination' is being bandied about as often as 'impeachment' They are desperate to stop Trump from putting America first, over the owners of the Federal Reserve Bank...The last president who had the audacity to take the initiative to end the Fed, as we know it, met his fate in Dallas. What kind of moron doesn't note the connection between Graham, McCain and goof balls like Ralph Peters joined at the hip, with Soros, trying to take out Putin and Trump.. They are like vultures, in the trees waiting to see which way the wind is blowing, or which way the axe will fall?

Soros & The Rothschild Dynasty, aka the EU Banking & Finance Mafia, the Owners of Their [not our] Federal Reserve Bank, are aware that an American, Russian, UK alliance, will break the 120 year political and economic strangle hold, that Zionist Masters enjoyed over the world. They are not going down without a fight. WW-3

They Have Already Achieved Two Critical Objectives:

1 - Driving a wedge Between Trump & Putin compromising the possibility of détente.   

They managed to convince Trump to have a contentious phone conversation with Putin re: the topic of cruise missiles while Moscow is in the cross hairs of our missile installations 300 miles from Moscow. [Putin is furious]. With Pence, McCain and Mad Dog's bellicose pronouncements regarding NATO, Trump swallowed the scam Hook Line & Sinker, or going along for appearance sake, either way, Putin no choice but to respond militarily...

2 - Upping The Ante: The propaganda machine is ramping up the assault on Russia, regarding the bogus hacking scam. When legal minds informed Trump that Flynn's actions were above board. Pence jumped in and nailed him!

Credible Sources Claim Obama Has Formed a Massive Well Funded Shadow Government Comprised of 250 Offices and 30,000 political Agitators to Take Down the Trump Presidency [Soros] Anybody? - Is Obama Blatantly Encouraging Insurrection and Civil Disobedience, Treason? If So, Where are Trump's people and The New Attorney General?       

Without access to the inner sanctum, the content herein is speculation and solely the opinion of the editor…[but probably correct as often as not]  Send comments to: