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On RINOS Passing Gas - Ironies Political & Otherwise

By Associate Editor - Izzy Facto

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                In Jebby's America

Yes "Blame Bush!"

America's Idocricy is too Confused to Ask One Simple Question: 

"If there was an Opposition Party, "Would the American Republic be in the Death Grip of A Black Racist Dictator?" The Answer is No! Are the RINOS afraid, or are the Collaborators?

The quote by Pat Buchanan Summed it Up the Bush Rino Led Republican Traitors

Though Bush 41 and Bush 43 often disagreed, one issue did unite them both with Bill Clinton: protectionism.

Globalists all, they rejected any federal measure to protect America's industrial base, economic independence or the wages of U.S. workers.

Together they rammed through NAFTA, brought America under the World Trade Organization, abolished tariffs and granted Chinese-made goods unrestricted access to the immense U.S. market.

Charles McMillion of MBG Information Services has compiled, in 44 pages of charts and graphs, the results of two decades of this Bush-Clinton experiment in globalization. His compilation might be titled, "Indices of the Industrial Decline and Fall of the United States." Treason..

Click -> Bush Treason & Treachery on Immigration...

Twenty Five Years: the Bush Clan & Congressional RINOS Inundated the Country With  Illegal aliens.

Bush #1 Two Years

Clinton Eight Years in conjunction with RINO Congress.

Bush #2 Eight years of bleeding border.

Obama Five Years  Aided & Abetted by  his Attorney General - All should be hanged for treason.

Blob #1 - The Fat Son Of A Bush, Jeb: A RINO and Mexophile. His hate for Gringos and America matches      the festering hate of his Gringo hating Mexican son. Do not ignore his quote "the Republican Party will never win another election when perceived as "the white guy's party." If you are a white guy, his message is loud and clear, you and yours are no longer have a role in the political landscape in America   in the Bush political framework. Nothing more need be said on Blob #1 other than, I'll burn up a computer to stop that bastard.

Blob #2 - Huckabee: A stooge who advocates that the Political divide in DC would be resolved when Republicans and Democrats coordinate the building of a sand box in DC and then, play nice in it. His studio audience is an aggregation of idiots who couldn't make the 1st cut of the morons who make up Frank Luntz's Focus Groups on FOX Network..

The tandem of Obama, and in no short measure and the RINO Bush clan have transformed America, it is a bankrupt oppressive clone of  a Communist relic - or if you prefer, an Afro-Chicano banana Republic. Walk the streets of your typical metropolitan American city and it's like Morocco. Recently Jebby said that [illegal] Immigrants coming here, is an act of love and should not be considered a felony. He is convinced we are idiots and who can blame him.

Blob #1 - The Fat Son Of A Bush, Jeb:  A RINO and Mexophile. His hate for Anglo-America matches that of his Gringo hating Latino son. His quote "the Republican Party will never win another election when perceived as "the white guy's party" tells it all and he knows very well why. No segment on the political landscape of America did more to thun this country into a banana Republic,  the Bush Clan. Their 20 year collaboration and RINO  dominated collaboration with the Marxists reconfigured the population. And if you don't believe itlisten carefully to their perspsctive on the topic, even today. If you are a white guy, his message is loud and clear, in the Bush scheme of things you and yours no longer have a role in American ploitics. Several weeks ago, Dumbo [W] went before the cameras and proclaimed Mexican immigrants are a boon to the economy. Nothing more need be said other than, I'll burn up a computer to stop those this clan. Concerned American citizens must consider these red flags and uncover the underlying motive behind the Bush/RINO agenda to destroy Anglo Christian America.

Chairman of House Oversight Committee "Capo"Darrell Issa is an Imposter.

It has been years since the pictures of the Benghazi massacre unfolded on our TV screens, they were followed by ever increasing incidences of brazen abuses of power, and violations of the Constitution by the Scoundrel in Chief and his Criminal Enterprise. Then came the House Oversight Committee, and, I must confess that I felt a surge of elation and confidence when I saw the icy stare of Chairman of the House Oversight Committee Rep. Darrell Issa, on my TV screen. I remember thinking, wow, this guy looks like a "capo," the genuine article!

Now years later and after dozens of hearings, whether or not he is making an ass of us, or they him, the hearings are bullshit games. The administration's response to Issa's subpoenas amounts to hearty "shove your subpoenas where the sun don't shine." And there are no consequences

FOX Network's O'Reilly; "Obama is a Patriot & Vladimir Putin is a Mass Murderer."

After 20 years of attending the 1st Church of "God Damn America," Obama, the Racist Dictator wannabe, spent 5 years dismantling the Constitution, stifling the economy, ransacking the treasury and eviscerating the military, O'Reilly, [he's the one "looking out for the folks,"] with lips plastered to Obama's posterior had the audacity to state unequivocally, that the Kenyan Prince is a Patriot and his heart is in the right place."  "And that's a memo."  And, that's a crock of shit.

According to O'Reilly, Putin blocking OBama and the Muslim Brotherhood's attempt to do to Assad in Syria, [what they did in Libya,] combined with his backing oppressive regimes, "Putin is the mass murderer."  Then, ipso facto, the Obama Regime is a paragon of libertarianism. 

Click here -> for the list of  Bush era Zionist Neocons squandering the lives and limbs of our sons like so much chattel in meat grinders in Zionist conflicts in the Middle East. Why? to curry political favor, in some cases for oil, Zionism or in the instance of the Imam in Chief Obama, Islam. You name it, none of any of it benefits your son, or our people. And Soros' mouthpiece Bolton is behind the annexation of Ukraine.. They are so determined to overthrow Putin and annex the Ukraine - they are willing to risk a Nuclear exchange...Should they persist, Putin will have no choice but give them they war they are pushing for.  Losing a pro-Russian Nation State the size of Ukraine would render Russia in dire straits and might result of the overthrow of Putin. Russia would lose her greatest leader, and Putin and Russia's people their country.   See list