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Truth is Stranger Than Fiction

Strange things are happening since I watched FOX Network Last Night.

By Editor - Tempestuous Fugh-It

In a brilliant but cynical charade, the founders of FOX & Frauds Network in a slick "now you see it now you don't" move, tapped into, monopolized and successfully manipulated the conservative idiocracy under the guise of fair and balanced programming, supposedly favoring conservative points of view. Led by the bullshit artist-imposter O'Reilly and quintessential 'bimbo' Kelly, playing both ends against the middle, for years, they've provided exposure for a veritable cavalcade of commies, neocon-Zionists, Marxist radicals and RINO collaborators and effectively derailed a conservative movement in America. And from this swamp emerged a veritable whose who of all-too willing RINO collaborators the list of which begins with the Bush clan followed by McCain, Romney with Boehner and McConnell and the majority of RINO losers on both Houses of Congress bringing up the rear. I hope to be able to put the Zionists & neocons Lowery, Krauthammer, Bernard Goldberg, Kristol, Dershoqwitz, Shoen, and Davis, et al on notice that they are no longer going to choose our President.

It's Time for Israel to Assume Responsibility for the Defense of Israel & Zionism

With 4 thousand of our sons dead and 5X's that many maimed in Afghanistan & Iraq in the defense of Israel and Zionism, and, in that time frame, not one Israeli soldier has gotten so much as a hangnail, Bi Bi Netanyahu went before the Congress demanding more.  I say enough! 

Vladimir Putin Threw a Monkey Wrench in the Obama, ISIS-Zionist War to Overthrow Syria's Assad.   

A totally comatose American public need ask a couple of questions, and I'll lead with the last one 1st How is it that Syria's Christian population lived peacefully for decades under the Assad Regime, now comprise a significant percentage of the refugees fleeing the ISIS butchers pillaging Syria? Why is Obama and Israel joining ISIS in trying to depose Assad? Is it for the same reason that Obama's Muslim Brotherhood slaughtered Qadaffi, deposed Egypt's Mubarak and set the Muslim Brotherhood to raping, killing and pillaging Egypt's Christian population that lived in peace & prosperity for 30 years under Mubarak?

Syria Update [Vlady to the Rescue] There's That Guy Again!

John Kerry, the preeminent jackass of the Obama's Muslim administration, had the audacity to demand Assad's resignation, to be replaced by the same goons that took out Qadaffi, and Mubarak? After the slaughter of Qadaffi, Vladimir Putin [Christian] "vowed never again" and put the world and ISIS on notice with a huge military presence in Syria. I would recommend ISIS begin planning their exit strategy. To the American idiocracy, need I say, that thanks to Vladimir Putin, the world will be rid of ISIS. The idiot Obama and his Muslim State Department will now have to eat dirt and pretend to be on Vlady's side.

While the Pope Was in St. Patrick's Cathedral

I watched the tribute to Yogi Berra at Yankee Stadium. And "It Wasn't Over Till It was Over"

Climate Change

Back in the 70's the environmentalist boobies were claiming that the smog from cars and industrial emissions were blocking out the sun and the world was on the verge of another ice age. Now that the emissions are no longer blocking out the sun, now it's global warming that is going to wipe out the life on earth.  So how is it that they say, green gas emissions are responsible for global warming?

The Ukraine [Putin The Assassin is on The March] God! There He is Again!

Only a Nation of Gelatinous Brained Morons would buy the notion of Putin the culprit in Ukraine when the chronology of events reveals the proceedings in Ukraine commenced when EU Banking & Finance Mafia, aided and abetted by a Bolton led cabal of State Department neocons who filched $5 billion US dollars to bankroll the EU's Muslim goon squads and professional agitators that staged a coup d'etat, overthrowing a democratically elected pro-Russian Federation government in Kiev. And hopefully f-ck Putin.

The ever cautious and canny Vladimir Putin played his hand perfectly. He didn't unleash 'shock & awe' instead, he insisted on a referendum vote in which the Russian people rejected the government of EU lackey's in Kiev. And yes, Putin is backing the opposition to the junta which is barely hanging-on by their fingernails because there just isn't enough money to hire mercenaries willing to fight and die for a cause in which the Russian majority in Kiev and Crimea refuse to fight against their Russian brethren.  Nowhere in the real world except America's idiocracy would they be so isolated from reality to not know that Putin who is adored by Russia's majority in Ukraine and Crimea and in European conservative circles is considered to the most important stabilizing force in the region and the world. That's why the State Department is ringing Russia with tactical nukes. When Putin installs tactical nukes on the banks of the Rio Grand opposite Texas, who will they blame? Putin of Course and dummy America will lap it all up like a litter of piglets at a bucket of swill.

A Pandemic is Spreading All Over the Civilized World.

There is a revitalized pandemic swarming all over the globe which, although civilized human beings had not totally eradicated, but had indeed, reduced to manageable proportions, has with the importation by their government and those of Europe, rabid, retrograde sub-human Muslim and Mexican animals, who owing to a feminized population of impotent simpletons, passing as men in Europe, America and even Australia, have commenced an epidemic of raping their mothers sisters and daughters with impunity. In fact, accounts of them gang raping women in broad daylight in Scandinavian countries, Germany and the Netherlands while the dummies watched and did nothing, are not uncommon. Oh, Obama is ramping up the invasion.

Trump - As Savior

Who in hell is advising the Donald Trump who totally seduced America and had them eating out of his hand, and has 'blown it'  Gone is the million dollar smile and the happy warrior - replaced with a scowl and negative attacks, running against the world instead of running 'for' the office of president. Who knows if he can rekindle the love. I hope so, he is responsible for unearthing the sleeping giant that is terrifying traitors from all the nooks & crannies of government and like a Messiah, sent the message that lit up the conservative base like we haven't seen in 50 years.


Now that Carly professed that she is fine with a Muslim President, maybe she can get her gig at HP back.

Damon Wayans

Do you suppose that Damon [when did he become a dumb shit?] Wayons who described the women who accused Cosby of rape as "the bitches this and the bitches that," won't mind "the bitches" referring to him as "the n-gger this and the n-gger that?" I remember way back when, he was funny, and I almost forgot, I had  a boyhood crush on Kim Wayans..