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America's 1st Mother 

                                                                              Drat, Foiled Again!

      Who Won the Debate - The 'Poon Has the Answer…..

By Editors Tempestuous Fugh-It & Izzy Facto 

Did the RNC & Trump Campaign Snatch Defeat from the Jaws of Victory?

It's the Same Old Story…The RNC Let Democrats Ambush Trump... And He Got a Draw….

After the Instant Replay The 'Poon Revised His Decision...

The Bitch [a Badge of Honor] Got a Draw - Because  She Can't Help Being Who She Is...   

Clinton's Trotskyite 'Rat Pack' was Delirious With Glee - There She Was Vintage Clinton; Hostile, Nasty, Ugly and Dripping With Contempt -  Smug & Haughty, She Stuck-It To Donald Trump -  Unfortunately for her, her followers, like Trump's will not decide the election..... 

Trump Survived Because At the Opening Bell to the first half, Trump was not Trump.

He did the one thing they thought he was incapable of, he was 'The President'  Then, she laughed at him, and 'got to him' He got Angry and reverted to Trump, [they knew he would] making faces and he  'choked' away the 2nd half, because he doesn't know how to laugh off a 'rope -a- dope' Worse, instead of preparing like Clinton, he left his fight in the dressing room and got his ass kicked - If he doubles down and reverts to the Old Trump in Fight 2, he's done. If in fight 2 the new Trump shows up with his 'A' Game, and delivers his daggers with a smile, he wins. She just has too much garbage in her back yard to bury... Or will the 'old dog' revert, and blow it again.

Beware of Komrade Wallace! 

By Editor Izzi Facto

The fumbling RNC [and that's not an unfair assessment] after getting their lunch eaten in 3 straight Presidential go-rounds, now have Komrade Wallace waiting in the wings. He's licking his chops, because he ain't no Lester Holt. Wallace [their] commie NYU attack-Brat, will settle for nothing less than waking up, the morning after, with Trump's Bloody Pelt on a Platter...Any and all of the RNC & Trump's Campaign people who gave the Democrat Debate Rules Committee cart blanche to set up Trump, and  let moderators [Holt] do as he 'damned well pleased should be scheduled for brain scans.. And Trump, who in the 1st. half of the fight, did an admirable job of being the 'Presidential One' on the podium, [which saved the day] left an arsenal of ammo on the table, keeping her nibs alive, to mount a come back. Be Warned, if Trump & Co. don't demand Wallace be removed as moderator, he must nullified or the next Soiree will be a Fiasco!!

Solution 1 The moderator provides the questions, and the responses will be from the participants only! It's the job of the candidates to know the facts - Fact checking and inquisitions by the moderator are verboten! No exceptions!  If he tries, Trump gets the green light to pin his ears back. Trump has to be a 'big boy' After answering a question, he has to say, "that's my last word on the topic" and make it stick. If they don't comply, Trump will exercise the option to refuse another debate, a smart move if Trump picks up steam from this last go 'round' to go all the way - why give her another life? Also, I believe she had prompts in an ear piece [receiver] Also there's a story circling the internet from a source inside the DNC saying she had a copy of the list of questions. The usual fare they routinely serve up to Republican dimwits... 

The Legacy of  the Despicable, Ruthless Blood-Thirsty Red Witch & The Cabal of

America Hating Trotskyites - She Had Qaddafi Murdered, Tortured, Slaughtered in 'Cold Blood' in the Streets and Set-Up Ambassador Stevens & Crew for the Same Fate.

By Editor Tempestuous Fugh-It

It is no secret that Qaddafi having learned the error of his ways, dismantled his nuclear capability and cultivated alliances with Western leaning Middle Eastern nations. That is the stuff that earned him a death sentence in the Clinton-Obama Regime along with Syria's Assad and other moderate Middle East leaders unsuited for inclusion in Imam Obama's radical Muslim hit list. Assad's longevity is based on the rule that all Middle Eastern leaders adhere to - kill them before they kill you….Except in Qadaffi's case, he could hold his own against the savages out for his head, but couldn't protect himself from the ones sent by Clinton and Obama. 

And then Benghazi, etched in my mind is her righteous indignation at the public having the audacity to demand answers regarding the deaths of the Ambassador and his crew at Benghazi. According to this cretin running for President, quote:  "some people out for a walk one night decide to kill some Americans, what difference at this point does make?" is like Charlie Manson saying that although it was fun, "they are all dead, so what does it matter now." 

The difference is, Manson is in a cage where he belongs, in the wake of her role leading to the slaughter of Qaddafi and the Ambassador and crew in Benghazi, and the fact that obviously she doesn't give a damn about the death of a few Americans and the devastated lives of their loved ones, she also belongs in a cage. Cruel, sinister, and reprehensible, the spectacle of the blood, gore and horror of the slaughter of Qaddafi in the streets had no effect on her. She giggled in a You Tube, distributed on the internet, "we came, we saw, he' dead"  Following the image of that diabolical, cold and clammy cretin on the TV screen, I can almost feel the sensation of her toxic vapor literally wafting into the room.

Logic suggests that God had to make provisions for instances when cretins of her ilk show up at the 'pearly  gates' and in the hands of St. Peter is the record of her lifetime of atrocities and misdeeds. If there is a God, he will hand her ample ass a ticket to the other 'gates,' the gates of hell, but I don't want to wait. I want justice now, and only her ample posterior in a rubber room in the nearest funny farm will do.

As for justice, don't hold your breath. Trey Gowdy, [he ain't no Lee Atwater] always equivocates at the moment of truth and Darrell Issa, who despite the corrupt Clinton Foundation, her illegal Internet server, Benghazi and the IRS scandal, after hundreds of hearings, not one indictment has been issued by the House Oversight Committee of capons. Even after Lois Lerner's emails, full of damning evidence, were uncovered she went Scott free. No wonder the 'buck toothed' hussy is always smirking.

Talk about 'smirking vermin, she and the dregs of the Marxist pool of prevaricators who appear on FOX Network every night, reads like a list of a veritable 'whose who' of slimy elite America-hating Bolsheviks. Starting with Richard Goodstein, Lanny Davis that's a [slimy one fer 'ya,] Doug Schoen, the Satanic Robert Zimmerman lead an endless list of Bolshevik scoundrels, like a swarm of dung-beatles following Clinton's mile wide slime trail to a pile of fecal matter, at a fertilizer convention.

To hell with the rules of collegiality and civil discourse when it comes to this cabal of Nihilists hell bent on turning America into an Afro-Chicano Muslim hate hole, enslaving our children and governing from the inner-sanctum of the Euro Banking and Finance Mafia, that it just so happens, owns, the Federal Reserve Bank…..

The despicable example of rancid human ofal, the power mad, reprobate Hillary 'Rod Em' Clinton, she who shares with Barack Hussein Obama, a festering hate of America, lusts to be POTUS, and, is one foot in mouth  away in 2016 where she left off in '08 there.

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