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The Final Romney Post Mortem

"The Lampoonist-American"

by Your Perpetrator in Chief David C. Baker

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Trump's Debate Strategy

Seems like the Little RINO 'Tewrp"  Rubio Needs to Be Taken Down a Peg or Two. In fact, the Whole Debate Process Going Back to The Megyn Kelly 'Bimbo Eruption' Is Out of Control.  So, My Recommendation to Trump….

So, it is Debate Night:
Prior to the official proceedings, Trump smiling, strolls  over to Rubio, offers his hand in a faux peace offering, and then informs him that I [Trump] am in agreement with the 1st amendment guaranteeing free speech rights - but sadly, we no longer live in a 'man's' world in which there would be consequences for a little twerp like you taking liberties, in this case with me." "Son, you really are in need a good spanking and a drink of water" ...Laughing

Although not in his nature, Trump has to Learn how to laugh at this stuff - He's not good at dealing with guff from anybody   Especially "Rubio, America's baby Rino"


Opening Statement,

"I Will Now Resolve the Issue of Two Birds with One Stone."

A brief look at your achievements and legacy after 8 years in Congress.

Obamacare - I will form a committee and take a crash course on Obamacare, You have been at it for 6 years and you both have done, nothing. Oh, but you all have plans!

Rubio. The most significant action you took over the last 8 years in Congress was to join w/the gang of eight like-minded commies on amnesty. Rubio, you are the world's 'Littlest RINO in the tank for the La Raza lobby…

Obama released thousands of incarcerated savages into our communities, and you did, nothing.

Sanctuary cities, nothing 

Obama's Commies granting amnesty to 11 million aliens - estimates go as high as 30 million. Nothing

Cruz, your most egregious knife in the back was the vote for Roberts to the Supreme Court.

From '08 to present in Texas alone, 1M felonies 35 -40% were rapes, where was Cruz?

Literally dozens Obama's uncontested Unconstitutional executive orders. You both did, nothing..

The military eviscerated. you did, nothing...

Millions of Muslims smuggled in through the Northern border. You did, nothing

Another multi-trillion + dollar budget, you did nothing.

All this B. S. about "my plan" this, and "my plan" that" and you did, nothing.

As for my appointments to the Supreme Court, my appointments unlike Obama's morons, will #1 be able to read it and #2 interprets it..

Close to 8 years of the Criminal Obama doing as as he damn well pleased and from you and the RINO Congressional majority, America got nothing... The issue was never about plans, it has been about no guts no action and betrayal...See you in the White House...

Waving at the Audience - Good Evening Ladies and Gentlemen - Exit stage left…

This 'Judas' is Public Enemy Number 2

This back Stabbing Lackey, Romney's VP Running Mate attacked Seniors on the issue of Social Security, not the Welfare 'leeches' Draining the Coffers of their life long Investment.

No sooner had conservatives dispatched the back stabbing RINO imposter Boehner to political exile, before they could savor their victory, like a bizarre jack in a box, out pops the Boehner clone, Paul Ryan. And like his predecessor, he's a certified boot licking lackey except this version is a moron.

'Obama's Deep Throat'

'Betrayal' a Useful Idiot's Path to Wealth & Fortune

RINO Skunk "Ryan Gives it All Away" - That says it all….

He Built a Fence Around his Mansion

Signed on to 1.6 Billion to Resettle Illegals in USA

Writes Check to Sanctuary Cities

Gift Wraps for Obama and Speeds the Omnibus  Bill to the Floor

In a nutshell, doing the bidding of the Obama Regime and RINO establishment collaborators is why he's there, and the payback? A moron becomes fabulously wealthy. Its beginning to look like Trump is our only recourse to put an end to the corrupt, cabal of traitors that turned the Republican Party and Congress into Parliament of Whores. RNC traitors starting with Rience Preibus and the Cabal of Bush, Rove, Cheney neocons doing the bidding of Soros' Banking and Finance Mafia, are terrified of Trump. A step in the right direction, repudiate Ryan...

. President Trump Could Save Our World! Hyperbole you Say?

'A Trump-Putin Alliance Would Defuse Nuclear Tensions and Unite the Two Most Powerful Nuclear Nations on Earth. The World's Muslims are Terrified of That Union' -  So Are the EU's Banking & Finance Zionistas Who Hate Putin.

Did England's Prissy, British-Poodles drowning in the Muslim cesspool engulfing Europe, ban Muslim immigration? No! Intimidated by their Muslim masters in Londonistan, they circulated a petition banning Trump from British soil, not ISIS. While the invasion of barbarians continues unabated, ditto the rape of their women, all of whom will soon be pregnant with that cancer, they are too far gone for even Donald Trump to save.  F 'em...Now ISIS is showing footage of Trump speaking on the 'moratorium' on Muslim immigration of refugees. The fact that Trump intimidates them validates once again, the importance of a President Trump. Most certainly, Donald Trump could make a huge impact cementing a strategic relationship with Putin, preventing world conflict and galvanizing the world against Islamic terror. On the domestic front, it is time to address the wave of black and minority hate crimes ravaging white people in general and women in particular. Since '08 to present, in Texas alone, of the million or so felonies committed be minorities and illegal aliens, 35% - 40%  were sexual assaults and rape.  'White Lives Matter' and if law enforcement fails, then 'the man'  with a 45 will git' 'er done. Purchase guns, buy them by the dozen. Last but not least, I hope President Trump will focus on the issue of Europe's Banking & Finance Mafia's tentacles in every sector of the US economy, who it so happens own and operate their Federal Reserve Bank. They are very nervous about a President Donald Trump, and they will throw considerable resources behind preventing an American patriot like Trump taking the reins of power in America. Coincidentally, after issuing an Executive Order announcing the end of the Federal Reserve Bank, JFK was murdered. So who are they,? Greenspan, Bernanke and Yellen. Not a Smith, O'Brien, Burton, Tyler, Harrison or Wilson among them. ... The Donald had better watch his back, fortunately, he can afford his own loyal security apparatus..


Vladimir Putin - Pat Buchanan - Donald Trump - Hillary Clinton & WW-3

Despite the efforts of Pat Buchanan, for the better part of a decade, America's defacto State Run Media has exploited the patriotism of a gullible nation to demonize Vladimir Putin - he who spent the better part of that decade, attempting to forge a strategic alliance with these United States. For his efforts, the Zionist/neo-Cons in the Bush administration kicked him in the teeth, and the bitch, Clinton went them one better. She had the audacity to park her fat ass in Vilnius Lithuainia and organize the opposition, fomenting unrest and demonstrations against Putin's reelection! Her slaughter of Libya's Qaddafi was one thing, but really, Madam Secretary, regime change in Russia and Vladimir Putin? Not to be denied, the State Dept. helped finance the EU Robber Baron's attempt to cut Putin off at the knees and annex Ukraine. And Komrade John Bolton was on FOX every night selling that Putin, the KGB thug-gangster, was the culprit. They over looked one pertinent, detail...The Restraint and Statesmanship of Vladimir Putin, bolstered by the loyalty and faith of the Russian People, fed up with the EU Banking & Finance Mafia, [who is so happens, own our Federal Reserve Bank] raping and pillaging Russia's economy,  preferred to stay in the Russian Federation with their beloved, president.. And that 'boys and girls' enabled Putin to prevent all out War in Ukraine and thwart the attempt in Crimea and Ukraine...     

WW-3 & The Sniff Test

Soros's neo-Con lackeys in the State Department, are as we speak, ringing Russia's frontiers w/military bases & missile installations, all of witch are dire provocations.

Sniff: What forays, adventures and military provocations are Putin engaged-in, in this hemisphere?   

Sniff: Imagine the price of a 'Big Mac' if he went on the march and annexed the Balkans and reconstructed the old Soviet Union. Should there be a nuclear exchange, how many of us would be left to blame the dumb bastards who started a war with Russia to advance the enslavement of the world by the centuries old dynasty, the Luciferian Rothschilds, the progeny of which comprise the EU Banking & Finance Mafia headquartered in London. And, I almost forgot, what a coincidence, they just so happen to own, the Federal Reserve Bank.

The fingerprints of these devils are all over the millions slaughtered in the Spanish Inquisition, the French Revolution and hundreds of conflicts in the last century and a half, including tens of millions in their signature achievement, the Russian Revolution, and the carnage and rivers of blood in WW-1 & 2. To all the Trump haters, take heed. These devils had their noses bloodied, and are still furious after Vladimir Putin unceremoniously divested them of their holdings, and grip, on the Russian economy, followed by Britain. And, they are now willing to risk nuclear war and Armageddon to prevent Donald Trump, who they know is hell bent on ending their strangle-hold on the last and most vital chip, America, which would end once and for all, The One World Government/New World Order..

    - They're 'Rope 'a Doping' Trump & Stuck on Stupid, He Refuses to Moderate...

Cool, Calm & Collected 'The Red Witch' Clinton Stopped Screaming  - Nine Months Ago, Trump Announced He'd  "Make America Great Again" and Had Won -After Nine Months w/Foot in Mouth & "Pedal to the Metal" Spiraling Out of Control, He Sounds Strident & Desperate and 'Blinked' on Immigration - He Has lost his Way and those Stupid Hannity 'Town Halls' Are the Dumbest [Fire Conway?]

To His Credit Trump Made-it 'The Old Fashioned Way'

Trump "I got mine the old fashioned way, I earned it." Granted, he got seed money in the form of a loan from his father, however, he didn't squander it, he worked tirelessly all his life, took his beatings and got off the mat and built an empire that is the envy of the world.

Yes We Love You Donald..

Over looked, for all his faults, while his detractors cut and slash, the common thread and sentiment consistent at a Donald Trump rally is the word 'love'  Dozens of times he'll survey the crowd and say "look at all these folks, I love you" and he means it, and I believe, he needs as much as he gives.  And for all the people who marvel, or are mystified at how he was so successful at raising his wonderful, hard working and respectful children -

while the other guys' children smoke dope, are addicted, or out of control alcoholics, the formula is simple, but can be elusive. Combine trust, with the investment of time and emotions, and that word 'love' turns the key. When a father earns the love of a child, they will embrace the teaching, the discipline and ethos….

Trump the 'Racist"

Anybody who followed Trump at the hundreds of golf outings and tournaments that he hosted, and or, participated in over the years, witnessed the rapport, affection and plain old fun he shared playing in foursomes with minority athletes, dignitaries and just plain buddies on the golf courses. That sort of thing cannot be contrived, he loves them all unconditionally and the love is color blind, and that goes for the thousands of minorities on his payroll.  I would not advise anybody to call him a racist in front of those guys at a function.

The Clintons Like the Bush's Got Theirs 'The Old Fashioned Way'

The Clintons also got theirs the old fashioned way, although to a lesser extent, the Bush clan hit the jackpot in the oil business, however, like the Clintons who honed to a fine point, political corruption, graft and stealing everything not nailed down, they doubled down and continued where the Bush snakes left off, throwing the US businesses and manufacturing economy down a global sink hole……

Hillary & Black America

Do you hear the word 'love' at a Clinton rally? The only emotion she exhibits comes through the demonic face lit up like a Halloween pumpkin and acrid poisonous vapor that follows her everywhere she goes.....

It's a sad commentary when America's proud black Americans think their only recourse is to hitch their fortunes to a corrupt, craven power mad bitch who never did a damn thing for anybody or anything other than satiate her lust for power and indulge her festering hates for everything American, in general especially the nation's mainstream American people in particular. In the background, the coterie of international leeches licking their chops and lining up to invest millions to promote the Clintons in anticipation of the fabulous paybacks draining the life's blood out of the economy to the tune of trillions, and the job market staggering while American workers plod on in quiet desperation.

Hillary's Pigs

Then some twitter dope, actually the idiot fringe posted tweets exhorting Hillary to be Commander in Chief of the Military - for which she harbors a life long seething hate and holds in utter contempt along with her Secret Service personnel and Americas police, all of whom she has been calling 'pigs' for forty years and Chelsea for 25….

Putin & America's Neocon State Department

Recently Henry Kissinger Warned: "The State Dept. Is Provoking War."

The more one learns about Putin the more asinine the statements about the power mad martinet hell bent on landing on New York's Long Island beaches and riding atop the lead tank of an invasionary force going across the Tri-Borough Bridge and annexing Manhattan.  The Ukraine coup d'etat by a consortium of EU and international Finance Mafia hostile to Russia, against the will of the majority, overthrew a legally elected Russian President whom Putin, in the interest of candor, admitted was corrupt, but certainly the lesser of many evils. Briefly, Putin's interest in the Balkins is well documented, however, America's 'idiocracy' swallowed hook line and sinker that he, Putin is a Hitlerian paranoid thug. Putin has in common with Hitler, the fact that he studied our Constitution and admired it, our Founders and the kind of people who forged this former great nation. In European circles, Putin [a devout Christian] is universally respected, an impressive intellectual, brilliant statesman and to Russians, a revered leader has a law degree, is a market economy advocate. Culturally, he's a devotee of the Bolshoi Ballet, opera, jazz & blues, sports [is a lousy hockey player] speaks fluent German and conversational English. And he likes motorcycles and loves dogs, so do I. As a member of the KGB, contrary to the twaddle about his history as a mass murderer and thug at the KGB - he was an administrator in counter intelligence and recruiter.

If he were the president of the United States, based on his accomplishments in Russia, he would be elevated to Jeffersonian Status.

Anything that Putin does counter to the left's agenda makes him a thug and dictator. Forget that he is a popular elected leader beloved by the overwhelmingly favorable population. Putin will succeed in Ukraine simply because after decades of corrupt Russian officials collaborating with the EU robber Barons raping and pillaging the Russian economy, the majority of people prefer to stay in the Russian Federation.  In America we have separation of Church State and soon the family, flag and Christianity.