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The Final Romney Post Mortem

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The 'Poon Flogs White Supremacy & The KKK….

When He Eschewed Violence & Hate and Embraced the Brotherhood of [All] Humanity, the World Breathed a Sigh of Relief. This Charismatic, Imposing Intellectual & Spell Binding Orator

Was Taken by Those Who Needed Him the Most.

- Malcolm  Jack [Kennedy] Sadat -

The World Will Not See the Like of Them Any Time Soon. The Sting Lingers.

"Free Speech, White Supremacy & The KKK"

by Bro Rufus Ali 12-03-2016

The simple answer by Trump, or any other public figure under attack by PC media and Fascist Democrats demanding repudiation for, and silencing the voices of, people exercising their 1st amendment rights regarding race and culture is:

"The Constitution guarantees freedom of speech and assembly"

"And, for whomever they choose to vote , and why, is their prerogative and their business."

The 3rd rail topic of white supremacy is all 'the rage'. Is there a violent hate-crime wave by "white supremacist lives matter" thugs? Is the belief in the intellectual supremacy of white people a crime? Are the people advocating the preservation of the white race, guilty of a crime? If white people want to live in separate communities consistent with their culture and traditions, as do the Amish and Hasidic Jews, it is 'their' damn business.

There's nothing more nauseating than the groveling and tortured 'hand wringing' and 'hysteria' of white Mousekateers when so-called 'liberal's go ballistic at the mention of David Duke's stance on the preservation of white people and Anglo culture and traditions. I suspect that the demagogues are terrified that they'll all go out and vote for a change.

Under the rubric of diversity, there are no taboos attached to blacks, Indians, Hispanics and any ethnic group preaching the preservation of their race and culture, except of course, Anglo-Christian…

The PC crowd demands that Trump repudiate and discard the votes of the KKK and David Duke, while a million racist psychos, Black Panthers and militant La Raza goons call for the commencement of genocide of white people in class rooms and political rallies from coast to coast. There's no record of Hillary refusing to count their votes.

"The Tail of Two Cities"

I would remind bile spewing La Raza goons and racists of all stripes, that the last group of savages with visions of the genocide of white people dancing in their heads, had two cities that glowed in the dark, for a very long time… 

Transparent racists Geraldo Rivera for whom the country is not turning brown fast enough, and Juan Williams chortle about how the Founding Fathers would react to the complexion of the population of America. I can imagine the response of a Jefferson or Hamilton to the filth, vulgarity and coarsening of the culture, the white bimbos who think it's cool to be 'booty fodder' -  the rape and murder of thousands of women and little girls annually, the rampant violence and slaughter in the streets. What would their response be to the black racist Jackass in the White House, the Congressional Black Cuckoos in Congress, and the attorney general typical of something out of a banana republic? And, the millions of illegal aliens in the streets carrying Mexican flags and posters screaming "kill the gringos this is our country now." I listen to PBS with glee - the desperate, snooty little commie bigots yammering about President Elect Trump, the Racist, Sexist blah blah blah.   All of a sudden, they are terrified that Trump will put an end to it all the divisiveness, and they might be right, but either way, America had better cure the cancer… I believe Trump is sincere  when he vowed that we must go forward together. I hope so for all of my black friends...They know who they are..


Requiem for The Bush Clan On the Way to The White House…..

Remember the Jeb Bush Quote: "The Republican Party Will Never Win Another Election Being perceived as the "White Guy's Party." In Essence, We no longer Have a Place in the Political Landscape of a Bush America. [Reference Last Week's Election]...Some Unfinished Business to Attend To

It is with particular joy that we can report with reasonable certainty, or hope that after the better part of half a century of treachery and treason, the Sons of Bushes, the very same impostors who for the last 16 years plastered their lips to the asses of, Clinton and Obama, and pledged their loyalty to the military, and then sent 4,000 to their deaths and 40,000 maimed in wars for the Zionism, will be joining the Clintons on the trash heap of America's politics. In the wake of thousands of flag draped coffins and devastated lives from the wars of Iraq and Afghanistan, not one Israeli soldier got so much as a hang nail.  And earlier this year, Bibi Natanyahu went before Congress and essentially demanded more! On the Bush ledger in the hands of St. Peter when they arrive at the pearly gates, are the lost souls of the women and children raped, families and sons slaughtered by illegal aliens. The fallout the result of their treachery is 2nd to none, not even that of the blood soaked Clinton-Obama Regime… 

Not only were the pundits, pollsters and consultants wrong, so were the members of the Bush clan and RNC, led by Speaker Skunk Paul Ryan, Mitch McConnell and Romney wiping up the rear.

Convinced of the stupidity of conservative voters and pending demise of Trump's run in the primaries, they stuck the proverbial dagger in his sternum. Oops, after his victory in the primaries, convinced of his inevitable demise in the general election, they chortled in unison that they voted for Hillary. Oops, a couple of weeks after the election, Jebby trotted out his knee pads and mouth wash and congratulated the Trumpster, and I suspect, he even offered his services at a cut rate price. I know that was crass...

Some decades ago, Old HW Bush at his inauguration announced that his presidency marked the "Dawning of [A] New World Order" and he and they embarked on decades of treachery and betrayal and put their foot on the necks of the middle class and low wage earner, who will be the serfs in the New World Order...

They put their political muscle behind Mexico's Racist Eurocentric ruling class' vision of Ethnic Cleansing and they, and the Bush clan, commenced flooding the south west states and California with swarms of Mexico's indigent Indian population. And they didn't stop there, convinced of the stupidity of the American people who bought [hook line and sinker] the idea that a healthy global economy benefits them and the world, because they can buy goods at lower prices [without a job and income to buy them.]

These ruthless Bush bastards assumed the lead role, melting the core of America's manufacturing sector into the global economy, exporting manufacturing facilities overseas. As the carcasses of gutted factories in America's cities spread across the fruited plain like weeds, the middle class went into a tailspin with them. The exploding immigrant hoards took what was left of the low wage earners' income. Blame Bush? If I articulate what I really have in mind,…

Election 2016-12-01

The mealy-mouthed Jebby believing that the Bush clan had indeed delivered the corpse of the white middle class electorate to Soros and his neocon lackeys, the fat Son of a Bush Jeb, had a premature orgasm. He [Bush] thinking that he had dealt himself a royal flush, then played his 'ACE' - he went to the RNC and pronounced the Republican Party essentially DOA, and as structured, will never again win an election as the White Guy's party, and that he, poised to deliver the Hispanic vote that will decide the election, should be the obvious choice to oppose Hillary. Welcome, President Elect Trump…Criticism and Abuse Will Be Accepted on a Case by Case Basis - Good Day…

*** that ace..