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The Lampoonist Previews - The Abamos n' Andy Show?

Obama May Be Leaving, But He's Not Gone, He Has a Future in Showbiz!



     Producer & Director of 'Abamos n' Andy'        Da' Kingfish!                      "I Have a Dream"

We are Hearing Rumors [not confirmed] of Obama Starring in the Lead Role as 'The Kingfish'

in a Remake of the Beloved Amos n' Andy Sitcom.

by Black Issues Editor Bro' Rufus Ali  & Political Issues Editor Tempestuous Fugh-It

Folks lamenting the demise of Amos n' Andy by Politically Correct Fascists take heart, the buffoonery emanating from of the Obama Regime inspired Bro' Rufus to suggest BET consider a revival, or a Politically-Correct sequel to the "Amos n' Andy Show" All it needed is a little twerking of the title;

"The Abamos n' Andy Show"

It all started innocently enough with the editorial staff in the cafeteria enjoying a gluteus maximus lunch at the offices of the Publishing Empire of World Famous Lampoonist-American. They were reminiscing about the good old days and the made for TV sitcoms in that era of the 60's & 70's. Not to give short shrift to Seinfeld's portrayals of contemporary white Christians [Goyim] as dysfunctional masturbating idiots, I'm referring to the 'good old days' the ones with themes revolving around stereotypes of dumb-ass 'shanty Irish' boobs like Archie Bunker in 'All In The Family' and Ralph Kramden in "The Honeymooners.' And there was rare unanimity when Bro' Rufus mused that "The Amos n' Andy Show" was hilarious until the content landed a bit too close to home and the thought police consigned it to the politically correct trash heap to be exiled forever. Until now.   

Yes! a new day is here, and rarely does a day go by without hearing the 'n' word bandied about by the 'brothers' in the spirit of laughter and good humor. And that's when, Black Issues Editor Bro' Rufus Ali inspired by the plethora of leading lights in the ranks of today's black leadership, proposed that we take a nostalgic trip down memory lane and outline a sequel titled "The Hamas n' Obama Show. And so, with great bon-homey, we gave the Bro' the thumb's up to produce and direct the pilot for the sequel, with a twist. With so many white idiots on the scene, he decided to sprinkle in some white dumbos' for flavor - a risky proposition considering the dubious popularity of white people in today's culture of diversity   

The Casting Call: "Mother Fu*ker You Better "Pick Me!"

And testing the waters, the Bro' was astonished and gratified when on the date of the casting call the response was overwhelming! But then again, we understand why so many folks would prefer a career in show business to the drudgery of a mundane government job and the ugly 'liberal' hags in the Obama Administration , I mean really, Debbie Washerberg Schultz?

Proposed Cast of Characters Should a Bro' Manage to Sell the 

New  "Abamos n' Andy" Series to BET.

The King Fish; hands down, Barack Hussein Obama, in addition to no certifiable credentials or accomplishments whatsoever, he like the King Fish, never had a job. Although he falls several IQ points below that of the original King Fish, he shares with the King Fish the dubious distinction of being certifiably a buffoon and definitely full of shit. He indeed deserves the honor to play the King Fish.

Under Study and Alternate King Fishes: Taking into account the possibility that sooner or later [preferably sooner] on any given day, one or more of the individuals Bro' Rufus chose to play the King Fish could be locked-up by the FEDS, it was necessary to compile a list of alternates, or understudies to take the role in such incidences. And also, it would be an injustice to limit the choice to only one individual when so many are infinitely suited for role - or understudy to play the King Fish.

The  1st alternate goes to Reverend Al Sharpton who in addition to being several IQ points below Hussein's sub room temperature IQ, he is indeed full of shit, a bona fide a-hole/moron and is first on the list of understudy. And for sheer buffoonery, nobody surpasses the great gas bag and 2nd alternate, a true 'jackass' Jesse Jackson. Re-read the qualifications above and substitute the Jackass instead of Sharpton where appropriate, and save me a few key strokes.

Andy Brown:  Damn! where is Sonny Liston when you need him? If anybody spots him, tell him we have a gig for him. The King Fish took his life in his hands every time he took 'Brother Andy' to the cleaners on some screw ball scam. My favorite was when he spotted a want-ad from a recruiter offering a $200.00 commission for anyone signing up individuals willing to go to Arabia to work in the oil fields. King Fish set up a phony lottery and told Andy "son, you is da' winner of a free vacation trip to Arabia on a luxury liner." He even paid a nifty little number to show up at the office and pretend she was also a winner and was going to be on the ship with him! Bottom line, he shipped Andy's ass w/luggage, golf clubs and high anticipation to Arabia on a junk steamer and lived to tell about it.

Sapphire: Michelle Obama, although falling short of the Sapphire in a couple of important areas, ie, [class & intelligence] who was possessed of a pleasant personality, keen intelligence and should not have had to deal with the King Fish. Obama's King Fish is terrified of Michelle who comes to the role w/the best Ivy League Education and 'Bell Curve' Bar Exam score Affirmative Action can buy. And is she ever nasty! We have yet to fact check the rumor that she was debarred. [disbarred.].

Algonquin J. Calhoun, Esq. [Attorney General] It was a toss-up, goof ball Eric Holder or Looie Farrakhan. Looie being the  famous for soaring prose is perfect. Followed by Reverend Jeremiah "Goddamn America" Wright and in a pinch, soul brother wannabe, Jerry Rivera. Now there's a Putz for ya'

Amos: Juan Williams or 2nd alternate Richard Fowler: Juan the FOX network's favorite black racist poodle is ideal. Megyn Kelly obviously has a crush on Second Alternate Richard Fowler, why else would the smarmy, lying little poodle be on her show every night?

More Understudies & Alternates

Alternate to Play da' Sapphire: Tamara Holder who rumor has it, rolls around behind closed doors wit da' iconic jackass, Jessie [Jessa] Jackson. Icons Tamara and Kim Kardashian who brings her huge 'ghetto booty' to the role, represent the members in good standing of America's white idiocracy that elected Obama, and put to rest once and for all, any notion of white intellectual superiority. In view of the fact that Tamara is a big mouthed moron, Bro' Rufus broke with tradition saying that since there are no shortage of white morons willing to play opposite the Reverend Jesse Jacksass in this day and age, he gave the nod to the 'wite ho's' for the alternates to play the role of da' Sapphire.

Third Alternate would be Hillary Clinton: World famous for her nasty disposition, violent streak, fat ass, profanity laced tirades and deadly aim with flying missiles such as ash trays, lamps, dishes etc. She cowed Wet Willie Clinton for 30 years - throw in her great big fat, double-wide 'booty' and she's perfect!

Sapphire's Mama: Maxine Waters On The Brain - certifiably retarded, and member in good standing of the Congressional Black Cuckoos. At the inauguration of the King Fish, she announced "we gonna' take over 'da oil binizz." She is the hands down choice to play 'da Sapphire's Mama.

Ben Carson will be commissioned as a consultant, and where needed, conduct brain scans and studies to determine the gnome responsible for the pandemic of mental retardation in America's population. And hopefully stem the tide and perform lobotomies where necessary.

                                                     Damon Wayans Script Writer

Do you suppose that Damon [who became a racist victim and malcontent after he became a millionaire?] Wayons who described the women who accused Cosby of rape as "the bitches this and the bitches that," won't mind "the bitches" referring to him as "the n-gger this and the n-gger that?"   

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