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On RINOS Passing Gas - Ironies Political & Otherwise

It's War - The Insolent Dictator Nullified the Constitution,

Consolidated His Power, Completed the Coupe D'etat and Escalated His Race War on America's White-Christian People!

While the GOP's Impotent RINO Simpletons Look-on Aghast, one of his Principal Enablers, FOX's Smug, Smirking "Great Gas Bag" - O'Reilly Spent the Last Five Years with His Lips Plastered to Obama's Posterior Spewing Obama Gas Like the Spin Cycle on Mama's Washing Machine

                      O'Reilly's                                    Zone

By Senior Editor - Tempestuous Fugh-It

"The Greatest Hoaxes of The Century"

How Marxist Sharpies Spent the Last 20 Years Helping Republicans

Make Asses of Themselves & Their Constituency of Morons….

The Obama 'Stink Bombs' that the RINO  Dummies Can't Smell.

The New Bluff: 

Obama, [whistling in the dark] Daring the Conservatives: "Please Impeach Me!"

This Just In"  from the New Obama Junta's Propaganda Ministry:

Any Attempt at Impeaching Obama Will Forever Split the Republican Party!

1- Immigration: For decades they had the Republican Morons shaking in their boots with the threat that, if [they] Republicans oppose the Mexican Invasion, they'll never win another Election. Jeb Bush, the low crawling cretin went them all one better, saying: "The Republican Party will never again win an election as the white guy's party."  He figures his racist Mexican brat Jorge Prescott-Bush, will be the 1st Mexican-American President...

Then those White Guys! and White Women! swept the House in 2010 and the rest in 2014

2 - Impeachment: Remember Brer' Rabbit? "Please Don't Throw Me in 'dat Briar Patch"

Fact: The only thing that they truly fear is Impeachment! The new scam. Obama Junta's con-artists have the RINO-Republican dummies believing that by signing the illegal Executive Order on Immigration, they are trying to provoke the Republicans to overreact and try to Impeach Obama, at which point, the conservative movement will self-destruct.

They Are Bluffing, they know that the Nation wants his ass impeached and are betting that the wobbly kneed RINO morons will to do nothing. Want proof? Even Pat Buchanan on the McClauglin Report said "The  Executive Order is an impeachable offense, but don't do it." 

More Proof That They are Bluffing. The mantra from the New Junta: "the only hope for the Republican's is Jeb Bush running in 2016 - The Republican morons may not know Bush is a snake, but the Junta does.   

Republicans blocking Obama's initiatives are responsible  for the Legislative Log-Jam in Congress. Harry Reid has blocked hundreds of pieces of legislation sent to is desk from the House of Representatives. I guess Pat is waiting for Obama's Executive Order suspending term limits in 2016 - Yep, even Pat is now in "Stupidville."

For those to Whom This is News:

Immigration Reform is in Reality, Euro-Mexico's Ethnic Cleansing...

The Bush Regime followed by Clinton era Communists floated the premise that Mexicans will vote for Republicans because they are family oriented and Christians. And, so they locked arms with Mexico's Euro-Mexican Leadership, who were delighted to be rid of the most difficult segment of their population. And, so commenced the Ethnic Cleansing and migration of Mexico's indigents to America.   

Obama's Racist Genocide - continued... 

The White House Patriot, fired 90 thousand of the best and brightest military. Sent 4000 of our what's left to Ebola infested African countries for what? He even signed an executive order demanding illegal aliens be recruited in the military.

The Blood of Our Women & Children is on Obama's Hands

He's establishing, Ebola Without Borders exposing 300, 000,000 Americans to Ebola and forced millions of our children to attend schools with disease infested populations from south America. Deaths have ensued.

The blood thirsty bastard [patriot] released thousands of incarcerated felons from Mexico and points south into our midst. We are approaching the point at which 25% of American families will have at least one or more women who have been assaulted, raped or killed by alien savages. That number has been eclipsed on collage campuses situated in close proximity to inner cities. You Tubes of female street savages assaulting, stabbing and beating young girls and women in the streets and fast food restaurants, are all over the net.   

Fox Network's Geraldo Rivera Has a 'Hissey Fit'

[Gerry-Geraldo-Herauldo] Showed His True Colors when he tweeted:

"America's Angry White Guys Swung the Anti-Obama Election." 

In Gerry/Geraldo/Herauldo's world,  White Guys angry or not, have no place, much less rights, in his America, unless of course, if they are to the left of the Marxist 'foul pole.'

After the Executive Order Signing, "It's About Time Republicans and Tea Party Radicals Got Their Asses Handed to them." His is the Ass that bares watching….

The Three Faces in the Metamorphous of the Smarmy Racist, Geraldo Rivera.. 

According to Wickipedia

The following is a recap of the evolution of the mealy-mouthed little Munchkin, Geraldo who began life as the progeny of a Puerto Rican Father and Jewish Mother.

The 1st iteration in his early school years was, [Jewish] Jerry Rivera. He was typical of the annual crop of festering America-hating little Marxists coming off the churning production lines of New York's Moscow on the Hudson Network of Institutions of Marxist Indoctrination.

The 2nd iteration was Jerry Rivers when he embarked on a career in media. Then low and behold, the Communist Revolution was in full swing when Jerry heard his 'calling, and traded his Yarmulke for a Che Beret, changed his name to Heedaldo Rrrrveda "wild eyed" Puerto Rican/Hispanic rights activist and leftist malcontent.

In those days, Geraldo made little effort to hide the sentiment that Blacks and Hispanics turning America brown can't happen any time too soon for his liking. Yes Herauldo, some of us old white guys actually listened to the old Heedaldo Rivera, the wild eyed Hispanic racist, Marxist rabble rouser.

The 3rd iteration of our beloved Jerry, became today's Anglo compatible, 'Herauldo' but nothing has changed, he still has the DNA of a Latino Bigot and crypto Marxist in one tidy little package.                                                                                                                       

The Supreme Court Must Restore Order & Justice to the American Republic….