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Donald Trump & Vladimir Putin Pose the Greatest Threat to the Enemies of

This Country and the World - And They Know it! 



By Editor in Chief Tempestuous Fugh-it

The Clinton Obama Race War is Boiling - Are the White Tigers Awakening?

It's Not Enough That The Tail of the White Tiger is Twitching - However, The Guns Flying off the Shelves is a Good Beginning and a Good Omen....

Her Majesty Says that "Donald Trump Makes Many Groups Feel Unwelcome in America." 

The Only Group Made to Feel Unwelcome in America are the Sons and Children of White Christian Families.

Prompted by the Clinton skunk works, a fat Muslim slob stood up at the Town Hall debate and threw Trump some Red Meat when she  expressed concern about  the victims of the growing hostility and bigotry directed at Muslim/Americans..…

The 'Poon's Recommended Response...

After thousands of people died on 911 and more blown to bits with the blood, guts body parts flying all over the streets of Boston, and children mowed down in schools and malls,  plus the rampant rape, mutilation and slaughter of millions of women and Christians in America and the World, I consider your line of inquiry insulting. I would respectfully suggest that you take the opportunity in front of this nation and the world to apologize to the world for the millions of atrocities committed by sub-human Muslim savages in the name of Allah, and take yourself and your fat ass and vacate the premises.

The Fear Factor of America's White Racist Majority...

Rarely does a day go without Fox's smirking, resident racist-bigots Geraldo [aka Gerry] Rivera and Juan Williams chortling as to how shocked the Founding Fathers would be to see America's white[Caucasian] people overwhelmed by the brown complexion of the population in the nation. And in the back drop, the cabal of and America hating Clinton Bitch's Bolshoi Bolshevik Attack Brats are doubling down the one acceptable form of bigotry and intolerance, which is against White people in General and White Males in Particular…

According to the Clinton/Obama 2nd Generation Zionist Borsht Belt Bolsheviks pulling the strings and orchestrating the "transformation' of America" via the invasion  of savages from hostile tribes from the Middle Eastern Cesspool will kill only the Goyim. The delicious irony, it's just the opposite, they are as likely to kill Jews as the Goyim, and the Goyim armed to the teeth will by firing back. And me or mine won't risk as hair  on their heads to protect them..

The aspect of their hate in America's Africa, which I approve of is, their preference for separate dorms, [with the exception of course ] of your blond haired daughter….Who in his right mind wants to deposit his college age daughter smack dab in the epicenter of hate in a school which there is a real probability of her being raped or the target for violent attacks by the black females of the species black females. Indeed separate dorms are blessing.                                                                                                                                   

When Trump is elected and order replaces leftist insanity, Clinton and Obama's Islamist Savages are going to feel very unwelcome and deported.   show up on FOX and smirk and filibluster on Commando Megyn Kelly's program every night.  They will face charges of treason and Nihilism..  d political  programs fodder  bitch at for town hall depabe complained about bigotry diredted at mslims

Mexican & Minority Racism - Trump's Fault.

Election Year Violence - Trumps Fault

Islamic Terrorism - Trump's Fault.

By Tempestuous Fugh-It

In the backdrop of the violent Mexican crime wave, street violence and rape - from the podium at La Raza political rallies, racist goons proclaim that although the Gringos are a dying race, they just aren't doing it fast enough to suit La Raza, and anything that speeds up the process is fine them. By the way, George Prescott Bush who identifies himself as Hispanic [gratis his Latina activist mother] we hear both have been known to be a regular at La Raza functions.

In education, it's more of the same - racist goons feed little La Raza wannabes La Razist rat poison, and the beat goes on as the infestation travels to the top of  the judicial system where the screw-ball judges are joined by their like minded, members in Congress and the whole rotting mass flows all the way up to the White House, where they join Obama's Muslim appointees festering in every nook and cranny in the State Department, the West Wing and the Attorney General's office, the occupant of which is a bigger jackass than the buffoon, she replaced.   

The future of a couple of generations of apathetic American idiots on the fast track to living in a sea of third world savages in Obama & Hillary's Jungle…is now.

At Trump rallies in cities across the nation, the pictures on the screen told the story in 'living color' as hundreds of LaRaza thugs and garden variety Mexican racists, shoved Mexican flags in the faces of Trump supporters and burned 'old glory'…

And, never to miss an opportunity to attend a party, without fear of consequences, much less retaliation from the witless Gringos, black thugs joined the mob launching vicious blind side attacks on men, and assaulting and abusing  pretty women, [that's correct 'pretty' white women] unopposed, neither by the gutless Gringos, nor the riot police. The riot police, obviously in stand-down mode ordered by a Hispanic mayor in one city, and in another, by an affirmation-action appointed, jackass chief of police, [take your choice] admirably kept their cool, and did nothing as a mob of savages chased a skinny blond-haired kid running for his life, seeking sanctuary behind a police barricade. The cops continued to do nothing when obviously tiring, he was run down by a black bro' on fresh legs, subsequently tackled and slammed to the ground.

So, in Hillary's and Obama's America, hyphenated savages have brought the jungle to a city near you. I think officials should issue Trump autographed baseball bats to attendees of his rallies, but, only to those who requests one, and are capable of putting it to good use….

Twerking the Idiocracy…

Putin & Trump - Trump & Putin

These Two Men have the power, but more importantly the inclination to not only put the Muslim

Prince and his ilk [Alla-U-Akbar] on the 'ICE' for the foreseeable future - Putin's decades long vision of an Alliance w/POTUS Trump's USA can change the course of 'Mankind' and 'The World'

By Editor Izzy Facto

Many years ago while America snoozed, Vladimir Putin put himself in the X- hairs of the EU Banking and Finance Mafia when he did in Russia what Britainiastan did last week, and they know, Trump has more of the same in mind. Upon taking power, Putin seized control of his nation and established the Russian Federation, effectively putting an end to decades of the EU Robber Barons and Banking & Finance Mafia's ransacking and pillaging the economy, exploiting the people and the vast oil reserves. They were also dictating the agenda of such issues as fiscal policy and immigration.  If that sounds eerily like the goings on at their US Branch, the Federal Reserve Bank, you are astute indeed.

Exhibit 'A' - Bankrolled by funds filched from the Federal Reserve Bank, thugs and professional agitators hired by the EU Banking & Finance Mafia forcibly annexed Ukraine and Crimea from [Putin's] Russian Federation.

Putin, with a cool head and hand, [no shock & awe - no war ] simply check-mated the move by forcing a referendum vote, the outcome of which he knew, an overwhelming plurality of the voters would opt to keep the Russian Federation intact.

The most terrifying prospect facing the Banking and Finance Mafia is a President Donald Trump establishing a coalition with Vladimir Putin and Britainiastan, then Japan, India, China to bring down the curtain on 150 yrs of the Rothschilds' dreams of sitting atop the throne in the executive offices of "The New World Order" in Trump Tower. They are looking at the end of their strangle hold on America's Federal Reserve Bank and end the State Department's neocon, Zionist lackeys doing the bidding of Soros in the American theatre of operations. The same Bush lackeys who by the way rebuffed numerous overtures by Vladimir Putin to form a power alliance and close ties between the two 'super powers'

They have surrounded Russia's frontiers with close to 25 military installations, begging the question, how long is Putin going to put up with these provocations and do likewise in this hemisphere? God knows there are enough America hating Central and South American banana republics that would love to have Russian military installations on America's doorstep.  So who benefits from the conflict and even a war with Putin and Russia, as opposed to an alliance?  If you said the EU Banking and Finance Mafia you are correct. And the next question, who benefits from the Zionista neocons in the RNC cutting Trump's legs off at the knees and Clinton in the White House? America's patriots once again played for suckers by the back stabbing RINO traitors..

Trump knows the NWO players, and chapter & verse the plans, he knows that he is marked for elimination by any means necessary and continues, for one reason -  he is a patriot in the mold of Patrick Henry, sans the oratory skills.....

- Immigration Reform Obama Style - BHO'S ISIS Recruitment Program in America &

RINOS Do Nothing...Trey?

In the wake of the previous night's terrorist slaughter in Orlando, on one of FOX Sunday morning programs, a 'breezy' Democrat Congresswoman cited ISIS's recruiting on the Internet being responsible for the spread of ISIS terrorism. Did you expect her to suggest that America should have a Congressional Oversight Committee investigate the Imam in Chief's ISIS recruitment program?  Spanning a significant portion of his tenure, he flooded this nation with tens of thousands of