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The anti-Christ -

We let ourselves get into this mess, only we can stop this fiend now..

We Must Remove This

Cancer From Our Lives and White House. ...

- It's War! ISIS ISIS ISIS! -

By Editor Tempestouus Fugh-It


For seven years, Obama has done what he damn well pleased and in those seven years Congress hasn't done a f-cking thing about it! The time has come for what's left of the American presence in Congress to convene a House Oversight Committee to get that ISIS  'Trojan Horses Ass' out of Our White House, and in front of a tribunal to answer to articles of treason, sedition and high crimes against the Constitution & the Zionist neocon RINOS with him..

Europe Clinging to Life by a Thread

[The End Times Have Arrived in Europe and the Target is Women.]

Swarming Muslim Animals bent on conquest are cart blanch, Amoeba like engulfing and absorbing Europe and preying on the prime target women by any means including rape, kidnapping, vicious beating and torture and 2nd favorite past-time, calling them 'faggots' and kicking the snot out of Europe's devout cowards masquerading as men. 

- And now the precursor to Obama's Dreams for America & the World -

In the You Tube below, behold & bear witness to your impending fate, Genocide by Rape….It is Blood Curdling!


Acting more Like a Psychotic Buffoon with Every Passing Day,

the jug eared Kenyan Prince, drunk with power, convinced of his invincibility and dripping with contempt, looked into the camera, threw down the gauntlet and announced that he will do as he damn well pleases, and that includes ramping-up the invasion of America by savage tribes from the four corners of the globe. And the 'The "Final Solution' putting ISIS Boots on the Ground in America!" And let's see you do something about it!   

Hot off 'The Poon's Monday Morning Media B.S. Wire.'

Welcome to FOX New Network's  Stupid Republican Poodles & Conservative Idiocracy  [Luntz Focus Groups] The idea that after 7 Years, O'Reilly insisting that he's mystified by Obama and is still kissing his ass, is a cynical charade and biggest joke in the business.

Once again Monday morning dawns and the 'B.S' continues anew on FOX Network until  'The Great Gas Bag' O'Reilly & Co commences in the evening. He's so full of it that he's held the top slot on FOX consecutively for a decade.  The winning quote that has endured for years is "Obama is a patriot and is not a Muslim and that's a memo." And that's a 'croc o' s-it.' 

Then there's the litany of Obama excuses, "he's is delusional,"  "tired," "overwhelmed" or "doesn't comprehend the ISIS threat" much less "the consequences of his inaction." That's a mouth-full right Uncle Billy? Inaction you say ? Going back to the overthrow of the Shah of Iran and lynching of Saddam, along comes Obama. After he deposed moderate leaders, the short list starts with the Mubarak in Egypt, Libya's Qaddafi, his attempt at sticking a dagger in the skull of Syria's Assad, making deals in which he gave away the store to the Iranians, then he told Israeli's Bibi to pee up a rope, tops the short list they attribute to "mistakes."  The millions of wild savages he's been sneaking into the country from day one, by mistake? Where's that on the no spin zone?

Putin the Assassin: Bolton & The State Department of Zionist Neocons, appropriated $5 billion to bankroll the attempted Ukraine coup d' etat by the EU robber barons to overthrow Ukraine's duly elected pro-Russian Federation government, stick it to Vladimir Putin, and then indict [Putin] the perpetrator.  The rabid  'barking seals' lapped it all up like a litter of pigs at a bucket of swill. 

Uncle Billy - adamantly contends, that he can't figure out why Obama won't utter the term 'Islamist terrorism.' What the do you expect from the only GOY to graduate from Harvard in the last thirty years.  He leaves us no choice, he's full of s-it or stupid. We report,  you decide...

Now for my personal favorite quote of the Idiocracy: "He [Obama] is 'weak' on national defense and immigration!  Hell, don't blame it all on the Great Gas Bag O'Reilly, look at the parade of State Department B.S. artists, idiot leaders of a military eviscerated by Obama and assorted luminaries who come up with all sorts of twaddle about how to deal with the Middle East, and not one has the brains nor the balls to finger the real problem, the ISIS Trojan Horse's Ass in the White House!!! 

Fox's Cavalcade of Commie Hadassah Attack Brats - The endless parade of smirking Junior Grade Bolshevik Hadassah Brats that every night foul the air in FOX Studios fomenting the Marxist revolution, is astonishing. This week's crypto commie Michael Maslansky showed up on O'Reilly's Factor hosted by Eric Bolling, posing as a GOP spokesman. Suppressing 'the smirk' with a straight face he recited chapter and verse the Hillary/Obama and DNC talking points as to how Trump & Company's divisive invective offending minority groups hurts the GOP.  I get such a warm feeling from the concern at Commie Headquarters regarding the wellbeing of the GOP.  To their horror, every time Trump opens his mouth several thousand brand new right wing Goys jump on the bandwagon.

Idiots Delight - [Frank] Luntz Focus Groups

Oh how we love the topic of America's idiocracy. Treat yourself to a ring side seat at one of those, post debate masturbatory Luntz focus groups. You know the ones, Frank Luntz conducts a studio comprised of America's conservative idiocracy arrayed on pedestals like flipper flapping, barking seals expounding on everything form Marxism 101 and how Obama is 'wrong' on immigration, ISIS, the economy and how Putin is about to march down the LIE [for the uninitiated, the Long Island Express Way] and annex Manhattan.

And Luntz is a piece of work, he finally parted with a few sheckles and bought himself a decent rug. The last one looked like the late Uncle Jethro's piece he snatched from a table at garage sale in Kingston. Every once in a while, a wise-ass camera man can't resist taking full size shot of him in his sneakers. Are Jews weird? Ben Stein is another one who shows up on political commentary shows dressed up in the appropriate suit and sneakers! They don't have a total monopoly on weird, there's always the prissy English weirdo Tom Rogan on the McGlaughlin Report.

McGlaughlin Report - Now relegated to the 2am slot on Sunday morning NY's PBS outlet, after the tedious shrew had her ears pinned back, Eleanor Clift is back to turning the program into a forum for left wing farces, fabrications and plain old DNC propaganda. After I fast forward past her diatribes, it's amazing how little is left.

Bush Clan - The Son of a Bush Jeb says it's inhumane to deport felons and parasites that two generations of the Bush clan played a lead role in bringing here. Texas circa '08 to the present racked up 1 million felonies 260,000 of which women and children were raped by Mexican and Hispanic savages. That's right, little girls snatched off the streets by illegal aliens, never to be seen again. That's my idea on inhumane. If I had my way, the whole clan would be horse whipped and then, tarred & feathered.

Black Jive Matters and More Bullshit - Black Jive Matters 'thugs' have their noses out of joint because the Paris massacre put them on the back burner. We suggest that every Monday morning, the Newspapers publish the Chicago Police blotter accounting of the previous weekends festivities.  Start with the assassinations and work your way down the list of shootings, kids caught in the crossfire, assaults with deadly weapons and the body count.  Extrapolate the carnage nationwide in the millions annually. Oops, those black lives don't matter. Good Day….