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The Final Romney Post Mortem

"The Lampoonist-American"

by Your Perpetrator in Chief David C. Baker

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F' Obama, Buy Guns, Form Militias, Buy Guns by the Dozen, Now!!!

Obama is a Symptom of Two Generations of White Christian Stupidity...


                                                                                   Buy Guns NOW!

  This Filthy Snake is a 'Son Of A Bush'


A Gun Shootin' 'White Baby' Maker                Europe's Male Sissies are Next.

                                                                                               America's not far behind..                                                                                                                             


      Drudge Headline - 'Deep Throat'

RINO Skunk "Ryan Gives it All Away" - That says it all….

He Built a Fence Around his Mansion

1.6 Billion to Resettle Illegals in USA

Writes Check to Sanctuary Cities

Gift Wraps for Obama and Speeds the Omnibus Bill to the Floor

This back Stabbing Lackey as Romney's VP Running Mate, Attacked Seniors on the Issue of Social Security, not the Welfare Parasites Draining the Coffers of Their Investment.

No sooner had conservatives dispatched the back stabbing RINO imposter Boehner to political exile, before they could savor their victory, like a bizarre jack in a box out pops the Boehner clone, Paul Ryan. And like his predecessor, he is a certified boot licking lackey except this version is also a moron. In a nutshell, doing the bidding of the Obama Regime and RINO establishment collaborators is why he's there, and the payback? a moron becomes fabulously     wealthy. Its beginning to look like Trump is our only recourse to put an end to the corrupt, cabal of traitors that turned the Republican Party and Congress into Parliament of Whores. RNC traitors starting with Rience Preibus and the Cabal of Bush, Rove, Cheney neocons doing the bidding of Soros' Banking and Finance Mafia, are terrified of Trump. A step in the right direction, repudiate Ryan...

Strange Thing Happened Since I watched FOX Network Yesterday..

Trump Out-Foxed The Fox & Frauds Network Exposing the Whole Rotten Citadel...

Deftly side stepping the carefully crafted ambush that the Fair & Balanced Boys set for him at the Thursday Night Bash Trump Debate, Trump's brilliant flanking maneuver, opting out of the Ambush, set off an explosion that went right to the lofty enviorns of the FOX inner sanctum, and sent Murdoch, Ailes and O'Reilly tripping all over their own cocks, while the smarmy Bimbo Kelly bringing up the rear, sat on the set with her lips plastered to the ass of the fat slob, the America hating movie producer Michael Moore. What a 'jerk'

Donald Trump tricked them into exposing a decades long cynical charade, that the 'rank & foul' of the faux fair & balanced network tapped into, monopolized, manipulated and convinced the conservative idiocracy that the programming, supposedly reflected conservative values. With the uber-bullshit artist leading the way, O'Reilly and underlings perpetuated the cynical charade - playing both ends against the middle provided the perfect venue for a veritable cavalcade of commies, neocon-Zionists, Marxist radicals and RINO collaborators, including Zionist-neocon cohorts at William F. Buckley's iconic and former conservative publication National Review. Together the played a pivotal role in derailing a true conservative movement in America.

After a full-court press by the Great Gas-Bag, O'Reilly to gorilla Trump into backing down, one by one Ailes and Murdoch exposed the under-belly of what has been a decades long fair & balanced farce at FOX Network. In a fit of pique, Komrade Murdoch walked right into the Trump trap, encouraging Komrade Bloomberg to get in the race, revealed himself as the neocon imposter we all know that he is. And suspicions confirmed, the most influential media outlet's backed RINOS Dole, McCain & Romney all of whom just happened to lose in landslides..

I hope to be able to put the Zionists & neocons Lowery, Krauthammer, Bernard Goldberg, Kristol, Dershowitz, Shoen, and Davis, et al on notice that they are no longer going to choose our President.

President Trump Could Save Our World! Hyperbole you Say?

'A Trump-Putin Alliance Would Defuse Nuclear Tensions and Unite the Two Most Powerful

Nuclear Nations on Earth. The World's Muslims are Terrified of That Union' -  So Are the EU's Banking & Finance Zionistas Who Hate Putin and Own Our Federal Reserve Bank.

Did England's Prissy, British-Poodles, drowning in the Muslim bloodbath & Sharia cesspool engulfing the nation, ban Muslim immigration? No! Intimidated by their Muslim masters in Londonistan, they circulated a petition banning Trump from British soil, not ISIS. While the invasion of barbarians continues unabated, ditto the rape of their women, all of whom will soon be pregnant with that cancer, they are too far gone for even Donald Trump to save.  F 'em...Now ISIS is showing footage of Trump speaking on the 'moratorium' on Muslim immigration of refugees.  The fact that Trump intimidates them validates once again, the importance of a President Trump. Most certainly, Donald Trump could make a huge impact cementing a strategic relationship with Putin, preventing world conflict and galvanizing the world against Islamic terror. On the domestic front, it is time address the issue of the black and minority hate crime wave against white people in general, and women in particular. Since '08 to present, in Texas alone, of the million or so felonies committed be minorities and illegal aliens, 35% - 40%  were sexual assaults and rape.  'White Lives Matter' and if law enforcement fails, then 'the man'  with a 45 will git' 'er done. Buy guns, buy them by the dozen. Last but not least, I hope President Trump will focus on the issue of Europe's Banking & Finance Mafia with tentacles in every sector of the US economy, who it so happens own and operate Federal Reserve Bank. They are very nervous about a President Donald Trump, and they will throw considerable resources behind preventing an American patriot like Trump taking the reins of power in America. Coincidentally, after issuing an Executive Order announcing the end of the Federal Reserve Bank, JFK was murdered. So who are they,? Sample, the names of the last three chairpersons of their Federal Reserve Bank: Greenspan, Bernanke and Yellen. No Smith, O'Brien or Taylors... The Donald had better watch his back, fortunately, he can afford his own loyal security apparatus...

P'eed Off Megyn Kelly Blows Another 'Big' One'

As the uproar over Trump recommending a moratorium on Muslims entering this country rose to a crescendo, the B.S. bouncing off the walls at FOX' Network, was a serious concern for Trump supporters, I for one, wrote his epitaph on the spot... Seeing the world crashing in on Trump's head, the 'rank & foul' of the faux fair & balanced network were convinced that they "finally had the son of a bitch!" Especially Megyn Kelly, still smarting from the spanking she got from Trump after the 1st debate, bordering on semi-orgasmic thermal overload, she went wild! Going in for the 'kill' she demanded that Trump be eviscerated and censored. She vilified the other networks for interviewing Trump on their network feeds, wow she was having a ball! Alas, it was a Premature-Orgasm Episode, the very next morning the 'sweet one' was greeted by a 'lightening bolt' Trumps numbers sky rocketed and O'Reilly was having Trump on his FOX Network show that very night! Oh how beautiful f'ing beautifull!!!!    Happy New Year...