If it Wasn't Tragic, it Would be Hilarious, Trump Out Does [W] on the 1st Try Putin Stabbed In The Back Again - Bombed Zionist BiBi's Primary Target, Syria, as ISIS Cheers on the Sidelines!! 

The Trump Doctrine of Détente & non-Intervention, DOA! Firing Bannon

Will Be the Next F*ck Up and Non-Intervention DOA...

"The Lampoonist-American"

by Your Perpetrator in Chief David C. Baker

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Trump & Bannon Reading The Political Landscape like Lee Atwater, Swept Trump into The White House in a Landslide. And It's Been Down Hill Ever Since...

Aside for Some Brilliant Cabinet Appointments, Bannon and Stephen Miller, seasoned warriors like Gingrich & Buchanan have not been able to penetrate Trump's thick skull and offset the morons, moles, traitors and Zionists in his West Wing. And a million loyal Trump acolytes can't convince Trump to cease the reams of faux pas winding up on his twitter feed every morning. And now for the worst:


Not Only is She and Obama Not Hanging From Nooses, the DNC Has Trump Up To His Ass in Kangaroo Courts with America Hating Zionist Scum, Adam Schiff & Co. Attacking Trump, Like a pack of Hyenas tearing up a 15 lb Goat. Senior Advisor Kushner is presiding over The Dumbest Outfit Since Rove so Completely F*cked Up King George 43rd's Re-election Campaign, That it took an Act of Congress to Save His Ass and presidency.

- The Red Witch Had it Wrong

Trump Gets His Lunch Eaten

Instead of ordering the new Attorney General to begin the process marching Obama and the cast of felons starting with Clinton, Rice and Lynch into the chambers for hearings by the House Oversight Committee for; sedition, high crimes, misdemeanors and treason, he let then off the hook, and in an instant, they turned the tables on the stuck on the stupid Trump Regime. Now with each new day, Trump and the fumbling, bumbling outfit is under withering assault, buffeted by endless charges of colluding with the Russians to hack the DNC campaign. Then the media piles on with insults and the jackasses in The Congressional Black Cuckoos led by the retard Maxine Waters on the Brain and smug, smarmy, snake Brad Sherman, demand his impeachment.

Oh but it doesn't stop there, every night for the last couple of months, Hannity bless his heart, trots out and reads from his 4 page list of high crimes, misdemeanors, treason and hypocrisy of Obama and his criminal enterprise, and then asks the usual guests, "why they do what they do?" That's when I make a bee line for the barf bag and the TV remote for the Yankee game. This stupidity rivals the dumbest shit served up by the Screwball Rove's RNC, during the Bush Administration and subsequent crashes of the McCain and Romney farces.

And Trump thinking that as POTUS giving them a pass, he could count on a quid pro quo, or two. from those cretins, was as dumb as it gets. And to top that off, he had no idea that the political capital and support he could expect from the RNC traitors and collaborators; Flake, Ryan O'Connell, Graham and Paul, was nil.

A Solution -  Please Advise President Trump that I Would Like to Make Him Aware of That Solution and Discuss w/Him the Issue of My Fee...

Solution, Trump tells the media that he has to address the nation regarding a very important decision, that he has to address. [Infer that he is stepping down]. With all the media microphones and cameras rolling and the nation breathless with anticipation, he does an Uncle Adolph and stands motionless for a full two minutes. Then haltingly, he begins...My fellow Americans, the news I bring to you today has profound meaning to you regarding my situation as your President. They are salivating already!

He then announces; It is my duty as your President to inform you that; the Kangaroo Court has 10 ten days to come up with evidence proving the DNC's allegations of election fraud. And that crimes against the Constitution were committed by alligators in my administration. If they cannot, then, that is the end of the investigations, that have not to date, yielded one shred of evidence of crimes attributed to my administration. Maybe a bit of smoke, no not the stuff you smell around the Offices of the Congressional Black Cuckoos...

Please advise Maxine Waters On The Brain, that I am sad to have to inform her, and The Congressional Black Cuckoos, that there will be no impeachment proceedings, and that the acting Director of FBI and attorney General will be shutting down the Kangaroo Dog and Pony Show. And should there be additional credible evidence in that regard, then I demand Komrade Mueller step down on the grounds of a conflict of interest, and a balanced committee be appointed within two weeks to continue. And, the acting Attorney General and acting Director of the FBI will then come to a conclusion and render a decision within 10 days.   

Comey [the] Felon Is The Toast of the Town & Writing Books While Seculow and the House Oversight Committee Yammers and Does Nothing…

Who in Hell is Running the Trump Outfit!!! Who is responsible for letting Comey select the son of a bitch Mueller to make millions overseeing what will be years of Tribunals. 

Wishing Steve Bannon, Happy 'Passover' in This Edition of the 'Poon...

By Editors Emeritus Tempestuous Fugh-It & Izzy Facto

Jennifer Rubin [yep, another one] in the Washington Post wrote a column:

"Why Bannon must be Fired."


Primarily because of his pro-Soviet tilt toward Détente with Russia. She cites former State Department Zionist Eliot Cohen, saying that Bannon's shadow NSC staff must be neutered. She says they must convince Trump to get rid of Bannon or see his Presidency fail! ….

That is, [Before they, the Zionist Neocons can take over the Trump Administration] Italics mine…

And so it came top pass, when Daddy Trump did the unthinkable and got elected, thanks to Ivanka, Jared as one 'wag' put it, with literally no political boner fides [no pun intended] what so ever, pole vaulted to #2 in the Administration, and the Kushners & Zionists have been pulling the strings ever since. Donald Trump bought that Zionist's croc o' shit about both Putin and Assad 'hook line and sinker' and as the structure unravels, Bannon will be the fall goy. Indeed, Passover has special significance to Bannon…As of this date it seems as though Jared failed in cutting Bannon off at the knees. In fact, it seems the spot light is off Jared [Zionist]… One significant conservative brawler intimated that JK is the fox in the hen house...

Welcome President Trump's Senior Advisor Jared Kushner 

No Investigation About Conflict of Incest?

Jared's "Long & Productive Relationship" with George Soros's Includes New $250 Million Investment - http://bit.ly/2oKykn4  #MAGA #tcot

Israel's Wars, Our Sons…

It's So Easy For Them to Throw Our Boys Down a Middle East Shit Hole, They Don't Even Have to Use The "It's For Oil" Excuse Any More.

They demand, we send. 6,000 killed 40,000 maimed in Middle Eastern conflicts, and not one Israeli soldier got a hangnail. And BiBi comes here and addresses Congress, saber rattling for military action against Iran, demanding more...

Go to a car show on a warm, sunny day in a rural American town and the number of  maimed amputees, in wheel chairs w/American flags taped to the frames, will make your head swim and blood boil. It ain't about me, but recently, at one of those events on a warm summer Saturday, I couldn't bear it, I went to my car to compose myself.. I Like Mad Dog Mattice I say kill the ISIS savages, but not one more fucking drop of Goyishe blood for Zionism!

Good Day….