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- Sunday Morning Media Mash -

by Captain Dyslexia Izzi Facto - 09-14-14

I don't recall anybody mentioning that FOX's Komrade Wallace introduced Mitt Romney for his Sunday Morning Interview as "the DNC's choice for POTUS in '08" It was the perfect beginning for a Sunday Morning of media mirth, except that I was annoyed that [ I ] didn't think of it. Old "fire in the belly" Mitt went at Obama with tooth and tong.

Just when I thought I purged myself of my violent tendencies,  Mitt characterized the Frankenstein Monster's sedition, treason, high crimes and misdemeanors, as "failed policies, and mistakes?" The Marxist soon to be Islamist Regime that eviscerated this nation with the alacrity of a team of car jackers stripping a BMW, on a Bronx side street at 4am, according to Mittens, "doesn't understand the threats around the world, all of which, are responsible for his lack of leadership," gobble, gobble, gobble." He was so proud when Komrade Wallace reminded him of his quote during one of the '08 debates, when he informed Obama that "Russia poses the greatest threat to America." The greatest threat to this country is the RNC of idiots /RINO collaborators who let Obama do as he pleases and Romney in 2016 Rest assured he'd be the DNC's chump of choice. again in 2016

The Russian Bear Vladimir is Coming! Vladimir is Coming!

Apparently America is the only nation in the developed world in which the people are so insulated and gullible, that the EU Mafia can overthrew the democratically elected government of Ukraine, and they buy the twaddle the smarmy Soros lackey, Neocon Munchkin Bolton was on the FOX Babbleocracy every night, telling them that, hell bent on World Hegemony, Vlady's invasion of the sovereign nation, Ukraine is a prelude to invading the Balkans, rebuilding the Berlin wall, restoring the old Soviet Union and the start of WW-3

Well, it so happens that Putin and Russia have been minding their own damn business since the break-up of the Old Soviet Union, while we have been raising hell all over the world, in Kosovo, Iraq, Afghanistan, lately in Egypt, Libya and Syria and Ukraine. There's more, but you get the picture. The EU Oligarch's end game is; "to hell with détente with Putin." After annexing Crimea, Russia's only access to the Black Sea Port and Mediterranean Sea, will be blocked. Unable to export oil and natural gas, Russia would collapse, Putin would be gone and they could resume plundering the economy, just like the good old days, before [he] Puty came along and booted them out of Russia's banking & finance network and natural gas & oil industry. 

Word from The Traitor' Poon

If tallying up the thousands of our sons dead and maimed to satiate the appetite of our power-mad Soros' boy Bolton and his cohorts in DC who now want a piece of the action in the Ukraine, is a betrayal? then, rack me up! After Bush #41 snuffed Saddam's foray into Kuwait, his cessation of hostilities, according to astute sources, was the smart move.

Prodded by the same bunch in the State Department, the masters at waving the flag to fire up patriotic fervor, convinced #43 that Saddam had weapons of mass destruction directed at Israel, [which he didn't] ole' "W" declared war on Saddam. After four thousand dead and twice that number, maimed, [not one in an Israeli uniform ] Saddam was dead, the balance of power in the Middle East was thrown into chaos and Iraq is a monster mess. Now the munchkins in DC whom Reagan fired, and Bush brought back, are trying to get NATO to finish the job in Ukraine, while beating the drums for war in Iran - and the weapons of mass destruction are aimed at Tel Aviv." Well, they have a huge military machine, let them go to Iran and Bolton and his boys can send their sons to bleed and die for a change. Oh, now that Iraq is gushing blood instead of oil, ISIS has the oil, Ole' #43 who started the whole mess is being hailed on FOX as a visionary. I miss Saddam, he had a perfectly good war ongoing with Iran in which millions had being killed and more on the way in the 2000 year old Sunny/Shiite feud.

Our Geniuses in the State Department Stabbed an Ally in the Back

Not only did Putin not go on the march in the Balkans, after a decade-long attempt to forge a power alliance with the USA as a hedge against China, the powers that be in the State Department [those pesky neocons again] not only rebuffed him, they reneged on all the ABM and various treaties hammered out by Reagan and Gorby, and to added insult to injury, they humiliated him. They preferred to roll the dice and try to depose him.

Outside the USA in the real world, Putin is highly respected and even revered in the world's leadership fraternity. In fact, we all know about the so-called universally agreed upon sanctions against Russia for it's so-called aggression against Ukraine's sovereignty - except, there is no consensus in the International community to implement them. Putin has revised his concept of enemy identification, we are losing him to China. Imagine, united Russia and China now adversaries of a besieged America crumbing in unison w/Europe? I'm a "traitor."

The Hitler of Our Time Blew a Commercial Airliner Out of the Sky

Haven't heard much about the airliner that Vlad shot down lately: When Kiev released the video of the anti-aircraft missile launcher that Putin's boys were hauling to a hiding place on a flat bed truck, some smart-ass watching the clip noticed that when the Kiev morons made the video, they forgot to wait until the truck got past the bill board advertising a Kiev car dealership. That's my idea of Sunday Morning Media Mirth. That little tidbit doesn't fit the narrative on FOX. "And that's a memo."

Still don't get it? Did you see the story of the Belgian air traffic controller who was in the Kiev control tower and reported that they had a Kiev fighter jet on their screens, streaking towards the airliner? He said that after the hit, the supervisors in the facility shut down the equipment, scrubbed the data and led them all off site. I don't recall FOX mentioning it "And that's a memo,"

Remember the hysteria when they caught Vlady handing out forms ordering Jews to register for the next holocaust? FOX didn't broadcast the commentary by the Rabbi in that parish saying that the whole thing was a fraud and ordered the perps to cease the scam. That one not on FOX, either. "And that's a memo."

Now, things have gotten out of hand, and Putin is obliging them. We've gone from a reasonably quiet relationship with Russia, to a boiling-mad, smoking hot world on a war footing. As a patriot, oops traitor, I'm not fond of a bunch neo-con munchkins playing fast and loose with nukes and the fate of the world, much less my country, me and my family. For Ukraine? Because Puty's on the march? Not my son. "And that's a memo."

Although he and his regime couldn't care less about Israel, and should be in Leavenworth for treason, they can't blame this one on Obama. And it means that the Obama regime is not the only "enemy within." To Zionists, neocons, immigrants and the population of apathetic nit wits, add Muslims and jihad in the USA, to the mix..

To Wrap-Up

In response to Brett Baier's interview with three security agents on the scene in Benghazi on the night of the massacre, and despite the fact that Baier confirmed their emphatic statement that there was indeed a "stand down" order from [on high,] the Mendacious Polecat Juan Williams, who will fabricate any lie to protect the Manchurian Muslim in the White House, looked directly into the camera and deliberately lied when he said, "there were no new revelations in the narrative." Anybody seen Trey Gowdy lately?

In The Chocolate World

Remember former New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin who vowed to keep New Orleans a "A Chocolate City," after being convicted of fraud? I hope he likes his accommodations in the Chocolate Prison.

Celebrity Sludge

There are so many pictures of the Kardashian asses floating around in cyber space, their fans can pick them out of a line up of 2 dozen buck naked bimbos with their backsides facing the audience.

The Religion of Peace [Who Said "There Ain't No God"]

There are 2 positive developments coming off the news wires in the ISIS Iraq conflict. It seems that the Shiite military forces who joined the fight, reinforced by US Air Strikes in Iraq, have not only racked up some victories against ISIS, they have a 2nd piece of good news. It seems that after the many beheadings of Shiite captives by ISIS, the Shiites are returning the favor and are beheading the ISIS captives. "Allah U Akbar"

If you haven't figured it all out by now, click the link below to see a list of your Neocons. By the way Obama has begun replacing these dummies with Muslims in the West wing and State Dept. "And that's memo."

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