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America's 1st Mother 

                                                                              Gets Away Again...

      Who Won the Debates - The 'Poon Has the Answer…..

By Editors Tempestuous Fugh-It & Izzy Facto 

Did the RNC & Trump Campaign Snatch Defeat from the Jaws of Victory?

In All Three Debates Trump Totally Unprepared, Let Clinton Slither Away Like a Snake Disappearing Under Rocks. Any Political Operative with the Political Acumen of a Gnat Could Have Turned The Series of Farces into Tribunals for Sedition, Treason & High Crimes & Misdemeanors. It's the Same Old Story…

Welcome to "An Evening With Hillary" On FOX Network's

Chrissy Wallace Show

Another Debacle - Trump had every opportunity to knock her out again was not prepared!

By Editor Emeritus Tempestuous Fugh-It

In the very opening segment, she mentioned the money of large corporations influencing elections - He could have blown her out of the water for the rest of the night. It blew right by Trump!!!! I almost shut my system off, and went for the bottle of gin.

Yes, in All Probability they, Snatched Defeat from the Jaws of Victory!

The Responses That Would Have Created a Tidal Wave Shift on America's Political Landscape For Decades, Were Flushed Down the Toilet Bowl in Trump's Dressing Room:

They Should Have Been Drilled into Trump's Skull With a Jack Hammer - Fact, Trump is a Political Imbecile, Who With all The Right Instincts, Caught Lightening in a Bottle with "Making America Great Again" But the Perennial RNC Dumb-Asses Let the Genie Escape the Bottle Again.

Abortion - partial birth abortion is an abomination with the exception of the life of the mother - a nation of civilized human beings would not abide the mass slaughter of infants. Women should be responsible for the life they created - and if not, adoption should be in the equation. Abortion the last resort...

And 'Planned Parenthood' is anything but Parenthood. As is the case with Obama Care which is neither 'Affordable nor Health Care' both are tantamount to government sanctioned homicide.

Ditto 'Immigration Reform is not about stemming the tide of wild savages swarming over the countryside, it's about doubling the invasion..… Last but not but not least, considering the modalities available to prevent pregnancies, abortion must not be a form of birth control, it is mass slaughter and 'your majesty' anybody advocating it is a savage..

On women's rights - 70,000 women have been raped by Hillary's immigrants 70,000 lives ravaged Your Majesty !!! It is a horror!!! Where are you, oh America's  1st Mother???

In Texas alone from '08 to present 1000,000 felonies were committed by illegal miscreants and 40% were Rapes - WHAT IN THE F'ING HELL ARE YOU LAUGHING AT YOUR MAJESTY???

She said 90% of the Clinton Foundation proceeds went to charitable causes - Fact, the reverse is true, you went supposedly from dirt poor to untold millions and HAVEN'T  HAD A JOB IN FORTY YEARS! Neither you or Willie have had a job in forty years. Has the Clinton Foundation ever been audited? The Obama administration is so corrupt, that outfit has never been audited. You are getting away with daylight robbery…

Abused women - After one incident 25 years ago in which I shot my mouth off [which was awful] I have surpassed Wet Willie's record as a serial woman abuser…Isn't it strange that  it took 30 years for me to become a reprobate over night…30 years have gone by and not one woman has ever complained to any authority about me in that regard. Did I conduct business at Trump Tower with a woman under my desk - did I ever have to lie to Congress - Clinton was impeached and never faced punishment - He took calls regarding military matters with "THAT woman under his desk between his legs. And you threatened and abused his victims..

You and that criminal enterprise of a campaign are so desperate to win you are trying to destroy my family - you are despicable. Your temper and violent profanity laced tirades are legendary…your contempt for the Military and abusive treatment of Security Personal is worse…Even your political advisor Dick Morris was the 'Jew Bastard' you vilified constantly.

Enough, I haven't even gotten to Benghazi, - Trumps people are imbeciles, [sorry] I turned it off and watched the Ranger Game….

What All This is Really About is Vladimir Putin & WW-3

Despite the efforts of Pat Buchanan, for the better part of a decade, America's defacto State Run Media has exploited the patriotism of a gullible nation to demonize Vladimir Putin - he who spent the better part of that decade, attempting to forge a strategic alliance with these United States. For his efforts, the Zionist/neo-Cons in the Bush administration kicked him in the teeth, and the bitch, Clinton went them one better. She had the audacity to park her fat ass in Vilnius Lithuainia and organize the opposition, fomenting unrest and demonstrations against Putin's reelection! Her slaughter of Libya's Qaddafi was one thing, but really, Madam Secretary, regime change in Russia and Vladimir Putin? Not to be denied, the State Dept. helped finance the EU Robber Baron's attempt to cut Putin off at the knees and annex Ukraine. And Komrade John Bolton was on FOX every night selling that Putin, the KGB thug-gangster, was the culprit. They over looked one pertinent, detail...The Restraint and Statesmanship of Vladimir Putin, bolstered by the loyalty and faith of the Russian People, fed up with the EU Banking & Finance Mafia, [who is so happens, own our Federal Reserve Bank] raping and pillaging Russia's economy,  preferred to stay in the Russian Federation with their beloved, president..

And that enabled Putin to prevent all out War in Ukraine and thwart the attempt in Crimea and Ukraine…

Today as we speak, they are provoking WW-3 in an effort to prevent a Putin-Trump Alliance that would stymie  for the near future the take over of the USA and the World by EU Banking & Finance Mafia who already own the Federal Bank and control America's economy and military Industrial Complex. In the Wilkileaks dump, Soros was mentioned over fifty times in the Clinton's Emails.  If Trump and Putin stop them, America and her people will have won the most important political victory of the Century...If not, Americans will be enslaved, by the devils, the masters and preyed upon by the savages they import for that purpose...     

The RINO Traitors & Zionist Neocons Can Rest Easy! 

By Editor Izzi Facto

The RNC Clowns Got Your Dumb Asses Kicked and Probably Blew Another Election, Komrade Wallace, He's [their] commie 2nd generation Borst-Belt, attack-Brat, woke up the morning after, with Trump's Bloody Pelt on a Platter...

Any and all of the stuck on stupid RNC & Trump Campaign Idiots who bought the idea that Wallace was neutral, and agreed to let Democrats set-up Trump and do as they 'damned well pleased should be fired..   

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