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The Lampoonist's The Daily Flog - Political Ironies: A Tale of Two Putins                   By Tempestuous Fugh-it

Fox Farces & Arses by  Izzy Facto

After a week of gagging on the FOX Babbleocricy's b.s. du jour on the topic of Vladimir Putin & Ukraine, the saying that "a Fish Rots From the Head Down" was never more apropos. On the topic of the Ukraine putch, they and America's Media Aparatchiks have pulled off one of, if not, the most cynical of hoaxes on America's unsuspecting sheep in decades. Recently the Cock of the Walk fixed the camera with his patented condescending smirk and said "Obama is a patriot and his heart is in the right place." And then, [the whopper] "he's not a Muslim, and that's a memo." And that's "a crock o' shit" and that's a memo. In one fell swoop, there's enough bullshit in that paragraph to swamp a 90' barge floating behind a tug-boat on the Hudson River.

Who Are the Beneficiaries of World Conflict With The Villain Vladimir Putin in Ukraine? 

The general consensus of an international panel of Political Writers, Academics & Intellectuals suggests that, the Vladimir Putin that the State Dept Neocons in D.C. would have America's mass of gelatinous brained morons believe is a rabid, mad-dog, mass-murdering, KGB assassin, is in fact, a visionary, and in all probability, the most important leader in the world. Also, the panel acknowledged his measured responses and skills in steering Russia's ship of state through the mine fields and traps that his adversaries have been setting for him.

How History Will Judge Vladimir Putinhttp://us-russia.org/392-how-will-history-judge-putin.html

Well, your humble hack writer is here to inform you that as they promote 24/7 that twaddle about "the more we let Putin get away with, the bolder he gets,"  American's problem in NOT Vladimir Putin! America's problem is that, with each breach of the Constitution by the Frankenstein monster in the White House, the bolder HE gets. And I almost forgot, the RINO snakes we elected to oppose him and them, are copulating with them. 

Everyday, Soros' designated "pitch man" Ambastador Bolton and his usual parade of ex-military lackeys are all over the FOX network telling the sheep that the annexation of Ukraine by a cabal of Muslims and assorted mercenaries, is about liberating Ukraine from the iron fist of the mass murdering thug, Putin. And the flock from coast to coast, are swallowing the bait hook line and sinker.

Putin and Russia had nothing to do with the coup d'etat in Ukraine, in fact, Putin and Co. were asleep at the switch when Ukraine was hijacked against the wishes of an overwhelmingly pro-Russian populace, by Soros's & America's neo-con backed EU occupiers. And, Putin is supposed to sit in Moscow and let them hijack a strategic asset and Russian Federation Member State almost size of Texas or bigger.

As America crumbles, Mr. Ambastardor Bolton and his Zionist's brothers, who have great big balls when it comes to exploiting the blood of our sons and assets of America's Military Industrial Complex, are hell bent on fomenting a dust-up with Vladimir Putin. And if they have their way, another 4000 of our sons who did the bleeding and dying in their so-called wars for Democracy in Middle East, will be on ships and planes, with coffins at the ready.

As an aside, have any of you folks seen military transport aircraft arriving from the Middle East, off-loading flag draped coffins the contents of which, have dog tags with names that sound like; Wolfowitz, Frum, Kristol, Lowey,Goldman, Cohen, Chertoff,  Grossman, Bolton, Perle, Feith, Bremer, Adelman, Abrams? Right, their bravery and testicles, your son's blood and funeral.

The neo-con empty-suits are the ones who have been sending our Christian sons into meat grinders since WW-2, are now all over the networks with their BVD's in wad complaining about Russian fighter aircraft buzzing an American Destroyer near the Black Sea Port of Crimea. They are the same jackasses with their BVD's in a wad, several weeks later when they saw a Russian ship moored off the coast of Cuba. Keep messing with Putin, the more they escalate, the longer the hot poker he's prepared for their, you know where. They put a ship in Crimea harbor, he puts one 90 miles off  the coast of Miami. And America's dummies have no clue about any of it.

What This is Really About

For decades, the Robber Barons of the International Banking and Finance Mafia, who it just so happens own our Federal Reserve Bank, have had a price on the Head of Vladimir Putin and coveted the Ukraine ever since he made them an offer they couldn't refuse. It went something like this. After decades of corrupt Russian administrations collaborating with that gang of thugs raping and pillaging the Russian economy in general and Yukos Oil in particular, Vladimir Putin, made them an offer they couldn't refuse.

He informed the henchmen pulling the strings, that they will sell their Interests in the Russian Oil Industry to Russian companies, and here's the price. Pay it, or leave with nothing, but leave you will! 

He did pretty much the same thing in Russia's Banking and Finance sector. After being stung by Putin, he's been in their crosshairs ever since. In addition, Putin, a market economy advocate deftly avoided economic meltdown and built the Russian economy into a colossus and significantly raised the standard of living of the people. You now you have an inkling as to why, Putin is wildly popular in Russia, and equally respected in the European leadership community. Actually, for public consumption, they denounce the Russian moves in Ukraine but behind closed doors, they want no part of the economic sanctions and America's and the EU's machinations in Ukraine.

Secretary of State Hillary [the Red Witch] Clinton's Peace Initiatives with Putin and Russia

In the last election cycle in which Putin was a candidate, the Dumb-Bell Obama Administration went so far as to dispatch the "Red Witch" Hillary to Vilnius Lithuania to stir up civil unrest and "Occupy Demonstrations" in opposition to Putin's election.  Failing that, they hatched this latest, coupe d-etat to annex the Ukraine, critical to the oil business and heart of food production in the region, and give Putin a black eye, and hopefully overthrow him.

Everything your hear about Putin churned out by Western propaganda mills is condensed baked wind that the American people bought lock, stock and barrel with $5 billion dollars that Obama gave to the Ukraine insurgents.

Why I'm Rootin' for Putin

Putin, is extremely articulate, an impressive intellectual, fluent in German and speaks English. Although no saint, he's a devout Christian, brilliant tactician, Machiavellian and better Statesman. Has a law degree and studied economics, religion, social science and worked as an administrator in academia. He loves sports, the ballet, the blues, Opera and classical Music. Unlike the occupant in our White House and West Wing crones, Putin is an unabashed admirer of the American Founders, the Constitution and the old America. And is not to be trifled with.     

He is highly regarded and respected in European circles and revered by his Russian countrymen. The Russian people have a president elected by a large plurality who is a right wing-conservative, a Christian, a patriot and his priorities are simpatico with those of  his country and people. We have a commie screwball, moron dictator wannabe, elected by rampant voter fraud in an election that would be the envy of a Banana Republic. He is aided and abetted by a Republican Party of neo-con traitors and morons the likes of which Putin booted out of power in Russia. At this moment, uber-scoundrel, the fat Mexophile Son of a Bush Jeb warming up in the bull pen. 

The first rule of thumb, be skeptical of those demonized by the prevailing purveyors of who and what is acceptable group-think, especially Putin who has a knack for helping American presidents make asses of themselves, and, threw a monkey wrench in Obama's and the Brotherhood's designs on Syria. Putin admitted that the slaughter of Gadaffi caught him by surprise and lamented that it was sad and an outrage. Obviously Gadaffi was an ally of another America, certainly not the present criminal enterprise. Of Gadaffi, Hillary quipped: "we came, we saw, and he's dead." Mubarak, Gadaffi, Assad and coincidentally the Saudis and West leaning SUNNI nations, have had to implement extreme measures to keep the lid on the millions bloodthirsty savages, licking their chops at the prospect of repeating the Gadaffi atrocities in those nations.

The Airliner

Early on in the crisis, in order to keep the ball in the air, the bogus Kieve government aparatchiks printed forms and accused Russia of demanding that Jews fill them out, implying that Russia was going after Jews in Ukraine. It fizzled when the Rabbi of the temple in that province announced that it was a ruse and demanded that they cease and desist. There is no political capital for Russia to down a civilian airliner, but I would not put it past the radical regime to do so in order to blame Putin. I think it was shot down in error by separatist rebels.  Good day