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A Twenty Year Retrospective on America's White Doofus-Americanus

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America's White Doofus Americanus' were infuriated at Jonathan Gruber's disclosure that they are morons. And they punctuated that assessment when they let Boehner and Obama shove 2000 pages Genocidal 'Obamacare' legislation down their throats, without reading it.  By virtue of that land mark discovery, he [Gruber] became your 'Poon's Choice for 'Man Of The Year for Meritorious Public Service.' Last week, the morons removed all doubt when, undeterred, after the electorate summarily repudiated Obama, the back stabbing skunks McConnell, Boehner & Co passed Obama's 1600 page trillion dollar spending bill without reading it. Press #1 for Spanish &  #2 for English... Merry Christmas.

Gruber and Obama might die laughing.

By Bro' Rufus Ali, 12-15-2014

- What passes for The Leadership: The Congressional Boobus African-Americanus -

Charlatans Exploiting a Farce to Incite Violence & Fan the Flames of Hate.

My Mama often said, "Be Careful About What You Wish For."

Remembering Peter, Malcolm Anwar & Clarence

Yes Clarence, Bowed But Not Broken..

When the PC Arsonists Trot Out the Race Card, as often as not, Black Conservatives

Get Caught in the Crossfire, or are Dragged Through the Muck & Mire…

I have vivid memories of growing up in the tough neighborhoods of NY and sometimes reflect on the dozen or so fights I had by the time I hit 8th grade. In that time frame, there were two guys who despised each other and they fought fierce battles regularly over a 3 year span in which, the outcomes were rarely in doubt. A sideward glance was enough to commence the hostilities.

The first protagonist, Johnny, who even at an early age was as slick as could be. In fact, he was the image of a good boxer. The other kid, Peter, an immigrant from England was the epitome of Yorkshire Dales farm stock, big boned, rugged and strong.

Unfortunately, Pete's furious rushes, with fists flailing like a windmill were for naught. A lucky shot, here or there, barely ruffled Johnny's feathers, because for every attempt, Johnny had the answer. Side stepping like a matador, he'd deliver a malevolent left hook, or stinging right cross.

Alas, courage, determination, nor grit carried the day, and the portrait Johnny painted on  Pete's bright red, swollen face was a study in futility and a tribute to Johnny's artistry - but also, to Peter's indomitable spirit. Half way through one of the more memorable confrontations, out of sheer and utter frustration, Pete dropped his hands. With bloody, swollen lips, tears welled up in his puffed up eyes and he began to cry. Not because of self pity, or anything of that sort, it was his only outlet, the only release for his exasperation. And after all, he was still only a grade school kid.

When the outcome was once again, a forgone conclusion, although we were tough kids, we had the good sense to step-in and call a halt to the proceedings. As for Johnny, the look on his face told the story, he just remained dispassionate and as smug as can be - he had no mercy.

In the aftermath, we'd take Pete aside, dust him off, maybe needle him a bit, he came around quickly. Once or twice, I entertained evening the score with Johnny, I had the skills and punch, but it would be tough, I just might come out on the wrong end also.

And Then Clarence

And so, I remember as if it were yesterday, when I saw that look once again. It was when the tears welled up in the eyes of Clarence Thomas at the Anita Hill hearings, when the race arsonists and Marxist radicals, raked him over the coals and literally flayed him in front of the Nation on Network TV. They called him an 'Uncle Tom' and stripped him of his dignity. It was an atrocity. It was not just an atrocity, it was "man's inhumanity to man."

The spectacle was infuriating, I hoped that his friends and family would be able to get him through the ordeal and that justice would be done, not that it could be, the damage was done. When they are out for blood, the aparatchiks of that Marxist cabal are as formidable as they are ruthless.

In this country, white racism is no longer the cancer, maybe a cancer, but by contrast, the hate of all the various minority groups and isms combined with the forces exploiting them for political leverage are a menace because there are no taboos or stigmas attached to the practitioners of PC bigotry.

As for activists who move against minority bigotry, they slam head long into the PC firewall and risk being stigmatized, vilified and often ruined. And an apathetic tax paying public oblivious that their money goes to fund outfits like La Raza, Black Panthers and the blatantly racist, NAACP are derelict and worse, guilty of malfeasance. 

Worse, what does it say about a huge plurality of Black Americans who choose a Sharpton, a jackass leading the charge of a veritable lynch mob of Charlatans bereft of a moral compass, harboring nothing but contempt for facts, justice and right & wrong. The Congressional Black Cuckoos and RINO counterparts, their version of Madison, Jefferson and Franklin, are the most stupefying and infamous an aggregation of lobotomized, "screw balls" ever to surface in the parliament of a nation in the developed world.

For proof, you need look no further that the clip on FOX Network when they coalesced on the floor in the House of Representatives, with their hands in the air, chanting "hands in the air, don't shoot." According to these bozos, assaulting law enforcement officials is now a civil right!

America's institutions cannot stem the unraveling of black America. Ben Carson will have to do it, Tim Scott, Mia Love, Doctors Walter Williams and Thomas Sowell will have to carry the flag and restore the validity of the Republic for which they stand.

When he saw the light, and renounced the divisive black liberation theology and poison of racial hate, Malcolm X, the most powerful and charismatic black leader's voice was snuffed by the very people who needed him most. The loss of Malcolm devastated American's black people for generations and the void has yet to be filled. The stark reality of the loss of Malcolm is crystallized at the sight of Obama in the White House and Sharpton standing next to him in public.

Going all the way back to Jesus and then today, one cannot help but feel a profound sense of loss and grief at the massacre of Malcolm and Sadat, because it seems that they always kill the peace makers. I recall contemplating the promise of the power of a Malcolm on the side of enlightened righteousness and the image is something to behold.

The true leading lights are the crusaders who must, and hopefully will, save Black America, because they are the only ones who can. America throwing money at the problem has accomplished nothing.

The first and most important step to righting the course America's ship of state starts with removing Barack Hussein Obama from the White House and his Regime from the West Wing.

The days are getting short, the shadow of the dark clouds blanketing the heartland from coast to coast grow bigger by the day. Winter is almost upon us, as the sun is sets on the American saga  Good Day...