In a little over a week, Trump assembled a team that transformed his campaign...


The Final Romney Post Mortem

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Is The End Near for The RNC [Rodent 'n Chief ] Reince Preebee?  'Rodent' or 'Worm' take your choice, Trump & Co. are taking the fight of the 'irate' disenfranchised voters directly to the RNC.  Looks like Trump's new sharks beating them at their own game in a 'Shootout At The OK Convention' is a distinct possibility!

by Tempestuous Fugh-It - 04/16/2016

The week after the RNC & Colorado election committee chose to forego a primary election and assigned Colorado's delegates to Ted Snooze, Donald Trump and Campaign released a scathing response to the opening salvo at what is a bald faced attempt by a scurrilous cabal of midgets, and a rotten to the core outfit's to hijack the nomination process. PreeBee's contention on FOX network that it was up to Trump & Co to know the "rules of the game" and react accordingly was lame at best. There was no lack of understanding of the rules. The 'folks' finally know the rules are a lame attempt at voter nullification.

Cruz The Outsider Brags about Winning A State With No Primary..

Faux libertarians and Constitutional purists chortling when RNC apparatchiks steal Trump's delegates in states that he won, will watch Cruz go down in flames at the Convention and, that's a 'memo'

No nonsense Democrat Party strategist and consultant discussing the general election w/Jeanine Pirro, opined that Hillary would easily beat Cruz whom she described as a typical, retail Republican politician, saying "we've been there done that" added, we don't quite know what to expect from Trump and his team, "I can't pick a winner in that one." 

It took 20 years but Geraldo Rivera actually said something with which I agree, he said "Cruz is Creepy" - In my opinion, add smarmy, mawkish and inauthentic.


This is Before Obama Got Into the Act! - He's Importing Syrian Isis Savages...


Sho' nuff don't look like Americans. Margaret, Where Did I Put That Mossberg? 

The Personification of Unmitigated Hubris

Tyrantasaurus Rodent Allan Dershowitz Advocates Abolishing the 2nd Amendment

By Izzi [Fictitious] Facto

Recently, I came across several articles in which the smug, Brooklyn Bolshevik, acolyte of Lenin, Marx and Trotsky, the estimable Constitutional Scholar and Harvard Law Professor, Allan Dershowitz, who spent a career brainwashing fawning Shiksas, Bimbos, lame-assed, self-hating, Goyishe sycophants and useful idiots that he, the purveyor of Marxist 'baked wind' appointed himself the arbiter of what tenets are acceptable in The Constitution.  He had the hubris to elevate himself to the status of a Jefferson, and declare that 2nd Amendment has outlived its usefulness" [for whom?] and is even 'absurd' in this day and age.

He even had the audacity to propose that in lieu of the 2nd Amendment,  any member of the unwashed Goyishe masses who wants a gun, can go to the local police department, sign out the weapon, go squirrel hunting and return it at the end of the day.

Examining the Motive Behind a Marxist Abolishing the 2nd Amendment 

#1 - Any Marxist endeavoring to peel back the layers of the 2nd amendment is keenly aware that gun violence is rampant in countries w/the strictest gun laws.

#2 - The  factor motivating closet radicals to repeal the 2nd Amendment is to render the American people powerless to oppose the tyranny and violent phase of the impending revolution. Not to mention the daily escalation of Islamic terrorism and racial enmity. 

#3 - Dershowitz's breezy rational for repealing the 2nd Amendment is nothing as benign as a simple discussion of political differences. Behind the benevolent smile and engaging façade of intellectual superiority, is a devious, evil and determined domestic enemy of the Constitution, America, our families and way of life. Only a fool would assume otherwise

The smug little Bolshevik bolstered by the bogus rationale, that the Constitution being a living document and as such, is subject change with the times, skillfully exploited linguistic nuance to put forth the premise that according to Dershowitz, the time has come [for them] to remove that cornerstone, the 2nd Amendment provided by the framers, and with it, our ability   prevent the rest of them from toppling like dominoes and the Citadel with them.

Well, it is my pleasure to inform Dershowitz and the thousands of like minded 'Witzes that our  founders Jefferson, Madison and Adams foresaw the advent of 'smug' diabolical little Marx Brothers of Latter Day Commies predisposed to chiseling away at our freedoms and enslaving America. And by virtue of the rights spelled out in the 2nd amendment, the Founders availed America's citizens the instruments and means by which to deal with the Dershowitz genus of Tyrantasaurus rodent, for just that eventuality.

The Nihilist sociopaths will cajole the useful idiots into accepting the caveat that the technological advances of guns in modern times, mandates that they are too dangerous to be in the hands of America's citizens, but suitable for use against them by 'Witz' henchmen..

Anybody gullible enough believe that Dershowitz and the coterie of pro-Obama-Clinton Marxist driving the effort to repeal the 2nd Amendment are not aware of the fate they [the 'Witzes] have in store for our children, as 2nd class citizens living as a hated minority under a political system totally rigged against them, in the hell ruled by the  'Witzes, is a fool.

Rest assured that the Dershowitzes and Ayres ensconced in the faculties of America's Universities are well aware of the tens of millions who perished in the carnage of the dozens of bloody Marxist revolutions. As 'their' Obama sneers at the Constitution, and waves in millions of fiends from the  hostile tribes through the open gates of both borders, America is following their template of the demise of the Republic to the letter. Without the ability of Americans to protect themselves, the Witzes [notorious cowards] will preside over the enslavement of the children of America. Stay thirsty for the freedoms guaranteed in the Constitution by the Framers [and] preserve the first line of defense against tyranny, 2nd Amendment,  and buy weapons, or we will be powerless to preserve the rest.  Good Day….