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Update: The Mad Bomber  [Our Very Own Zionist Dr. Strange Love] 

John Bolton says "Bring on The War, BOMB IRAN!"


Who and Why Are The Neo-Cons?

What seems like a few short months ago, this Zionist munchkin, actually our version of 'Dr. Strange Love,' John Bolton was on FOX every night clamoring for his Neo-Con buddies in Their Fiefdom, which just so happens to be our State Department - to get off their butts and pin Russian President Vladimir Putin's ears back in Ukraine. And they set US Russian relations back, not only to pre-Gorby days, how about 50 years worth. 

Now the 'mad bomber' pens an op-ed in the NY Times clamoring for the USA to Bomb Iran! A prominent afternoon radio guy says that not only  [nuking 'em] is a great idea, he should be President." That's it, a black thermonuclear cloud smack dab in Russia's back yard will get Armageddon rolling in fine fashion. Whomever said that "preppers are nuts" might want to get acquainted with these cats.   

So, who are [Bolton] and his Zionist buddies? Click here for the short list: And why is it that every time Israel starts saber rattling and beating the drums for war, neocons in our State Department go into action, American taxpayers pay and thousands of our sons die, or live lives of horror maimed and disfigured. The most glaring example was when our Zionists buddies in DC decided that Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction aimed at Israel and Bush sent 4,000 of our sons to a meat grinder. Now it's Iran. At this juncture, things are so convoluted and we have been hoodwinked so many times, even people on the inside don't know what to believe about Iran. I believe Obama is a Muslim and is structuring a Nuke deal to their advantage. You say you don't believe me, read the reports as to what a raw deal it is for the USA and Israel for that matter. Bibi and I have one thing in common, he doesn't like Obama anymore than I do.

Preventing Vladimir Putin the Mad KGB Russian from Going on the March in the Balkans -

By Editor Tempestuous Fugh-It  03-23-2015

The American people have become so accustomed to the country being embroiled in wars all over the world and John Bolton's mug all over FOX Network shilling for the USA to get tough with Russia's KGB Assassin in the Ukraine, that when he surfaced on FOX promoting his latest missive published in The NY Times about how we should bomb Iran, it was business as usual.

Contrary to FOX Network's 'babbleocracy' and Soros' boy John Bolton demanding military action to blunt the mad-dog KGB Assassin's territorial ambitions, Putin does not want world conflict, and that's why, they are not afraid to keep pushing his buttons. Despite the ongoing Ukranian imbroglio and incessant uprisings in Chechnya, Georgia, Ukraine and other Balkan republics fomented by outside influences specifically to destabilize and fracture the Russian Federation, Putin has been quietly going about the business of Russia's geo-political interests with measured caution. He has not initiated one unprovoked act of aggression in the Balkans or the West for that matter since taking power 15 years hence. In fact, the US State Department's response to Putin's persistent overtures at forging an alliance with 'the America we used to know,' was to stab him in the back and then renege on all of the ABM treaties and accords agreed upon by Gorby and Reagan.

As for Putin the KGB Assassin, he was a recruiter and not at all militant enough to pursue a career in the shadowy sectors of the KGB. In fact, after leaving the KGB, he was employed in the Administration of a Prominent Moscow University. Unlike the dubious academic credentials of the Kenyan cretin in our White House, Putin feels a strong affinity for America, earned a Law Degree, a PHD in Economics [is a Market Economy Advocate], is an unashamed Christian, studied Religion, speaks French, German and English, is a patron of Opera & Ballet and enjoys the Blues and Jazz. And of course, sports especially hockey and he loves dogs. And again, unlike Obama, he admires the USA and the genius in the state craft imbedded in our Jeffersonian structured government.


Regime Change in Russia, Israel & Libya

Obama's attempt to leverage the Israeli election in favor of Bibi Netanyahu's opposition was not an isolated incident. When Putin was running for election, Hillary Clinton with an eye toward  promoting good relations with Vladimir Putin, was in Vilnius Lithuania organizing occupy movements, sit-ins, demonstrations, rallies and attempted to rig the election in favor of Putin's opposition. And Hillary admitted in a widely viewed [You Tube] how proud she is of her handiwork when she and the Administration orchestrated the slaughter of Gaddafi.

Now Putin has maneuvered the  junta to a position directly behind the [8] ball. With the barn wide open and the doors banging like screen doors in a hurricane and the horses down the road, Bolton at the helm of the Titanic along with screwball Russian expert Col. Ralph Peters, are all over the news programs proclaiming that Putin is a rapacious wild eyed, mass-murdering psychopath, on the cusp of world conquest. Conversely in Europe's leadership community, he is highly regarded as a stabilizing influence on the world stage, except in America of course. Putin's wild card? The Russian people want nothing to do with a coup d'etat to annex Ukraine and once again, be at the mercy of the Banking & Finance Mafia and the EU looting and pillaging in their markets and economy.

Recap & The Rest of the Story - Putin's 'Shock & Awe'

[Click Here for Another View of the Ukraine Imbroglio]

When the EU thugs commenced the violent overthrow of the Ukraine government, the wild KGB Assassin didn't  unleash 'Shock & Awe." Aware of the a plurality of the people loyal to the Russian Federation, he simply held a referendum vote in Crimea with the predictable outcome essentially squashed the coup d'etat.

In response:

1 - Kerry and the aggregation of boobies in Kiev, announced, "to hell with elections and democracy, they will not recognize the results of the referendum"

2 - According to O'Reilly and the boobies at FOX Network, the Putin jugernaught must be halted before the Russian Bear goes on the march and recaptures all the territories in the old Soviet Union. The EU must consolidate the liberation of Ukraine effectively blocking Russia access to the seaport in Crimea.

3 - "Then, we'll strangle Russia's economy and destroy the ruble." Putin laughed, he'll cease doing business in the dollar and push the currency off the cliff and further cement ties with the Chinese.

4 - Putin must be stopped [before he can become menace in our hemisphere?] That's why Bill Clinton had to bomb Kosovo. Bush had to kill Saddam Hussein the principle enemy of Iran because Putin needed Saddam's weapons of mass destruction to target the Jewish retirement communities in Miami. Obama's Muslim Brotherhood had to kill Gadaffi in Libya because Putin wanted him to invade Los Angeles. We have to help Obama's Muslim Brotherhood depose Assad in Syria because his Anti-Semitic sentiments threatened the Jewish communities in Brooklyn, the Bronx and Long Island. Obama had to overthrow Mubarak in Egypt because he's a threat to all the Pakistani gas station owners in the continental USA. We have to keep Afghanistan out of Putin's clutches because God forbid, should Putin gets his mitts on all that heroin and help Russia's Brighton Beach Mafia take over the heroin distribution franchise in the USA  Meanwhile, there hasn't been one unprovoked Russian incursion into this hemisphere, except Brighton Beach since the Cuba missile crisis.

The State Deartment Up's the Ante - In a Frightening Provocation, the State Department Has a

Detachment of Troops & Technicians Installing Cruise Missiles on the Poland Ukranian Border

Directed at Russia's Heartland...

The only missile crisis threatening the world is the one in Poland, except of course, if Putin puts an installation on the banks on the Mexican side of the Rio Grand - When in hell did I become so unpatriotic? When I was smashed in the face with the cascading piles of  State Department generated BS followed by thousands of flag draped coffins and dozens of wheelchairs in the malls on Sunday . Good Day