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Sixty Four Thousand Felonies & Eight Thousand Rapes in Texas Alone Will Stop Only When Jeb Bush Runs for President of Mexico & the Bush Clan Moves There.




Jorge the Genuine Bush [Mexicano] Is a Racist, "Viva la Raza!"

Not content to be at the forefront of the decades long invasion of millions of America-hating Mexicans, Jebby is adding his very own 'home grown' America-hating Mexican activist malcontent to the GOP's list of back stabbing RINOS. His Anglo surname being the only aberration in his Mexican profile, it and "white privilege" will grease [pardon the pun] the pathway for yet another Son Of A Bush to have a political career living a 'life of Riley' oops, living life 'of a Gomez' at Texas' tax payers expense. Formerly a favorite son and like Mrs. Bush, a fixture at la Raza functions, he threatened the GOP that they had better address Mexican interests, has since toned down the radical rhetoric and is now a proud Anglo Texas politico. Sticking to tradition, el Romantico earned a cease and desist order for stalking a former girlfriend. Stalking? Me thinks she might have gotten off easy.

El RINO - Senor Son of a Bush [Jeb] "GOP No Longer the White Guy's Party"

After conservatives plastered America's political map bright red in the mid-term election, pseudo conservative and the notorious Mexican Ass Kisser, that other Son of a Bush, El Rino Jeb went to the RNC and told them not to worry, with the Hispanic vote in hand, he was the one Republican along with McCain and Jeff Flake who can continue to stick it to the "pain in the ass" conservatives and still win the White House. At every turn in the road I'm going to remind America that the Son of a Bush chirped "the Republican Party will never again win the White House being perceived as the white guy's party." The universal endorsement of that Son of a Bush by Democrats and RINO Rove praying that 'Jebby's the 1916 RINO loser this time around is all the proof you need, with these snakes.

Starting in 2008 to the Present - The Sixty Four Thousand Felonies & Eight Thousand Rapes in Texas on Perry's Watch Are Proof that Trump is Right  .

What was Perry doing? If he thinks attacking Trump will change the subject, he's all wet, pardon the pun.

Tim Rosaforte of the Golf Channel didn't approve of Trump's framing the issue of the Mexican scourge. I want that bald headed stooge to frame the issue for the parents of 8000 of their daughters raped by those savages.

As Much as I want to be able like [W] The Bush Clan's Finger Prints Are All Over The Three Scams of the last Twenty Five Years. - The Iraq War, Immigration Reform & Obama Care -

Every night these topics come up on FOX and I have yet to hear one commentator say that, Affordable Care Act is neither affordable nor Immigration Reform about stemming the tide of the invasion. The Bush Clan are in agreement wit Jonathan Gruber who structured Obama Care and said in effect, the American Public is a mass of morons. In addition to taking the lead in the importation of the dregs of Mexico, the Bush clan were also instrumental in Robert's ascension to the Supreme Court. By virtue of Robert's swing vote passing Obama Care twice, he plunged a dagger into the sternum of the Americans. History will rank Bush treachery 2nd only to Obama's   

If Asking Why Four Thousand of Our Sons are Dead & Scores Maimed In Iraq and for What? Got Me Branded a Traitor and anti-Semite, so be it.

By Editor Tempestuous Fugh-It  07-20-15

Every time I am out and about in a mall or restaurant, I am struck how often I see amputees and guys in wheel chairs. Recently at an annual event at which dirt track racers park their cars inside a local mall and meet & greet the fans, I was haunted by the number of maimed military guys in attendance. I had to adjourn to the parking lot and sit in my car and compose myself.

I've had enough of the righteous indignation of Jews and brain washed yahoos accusing me of anti-Semitism because after the profligate squandering of the lives of 4000 of our sons and the limbs of scores more destined to live out their lives horribly maimed because of Saddam had weapons of mass destruction pointed at Israel [which he didn't] I have the effrontery to question the who, what, when, where and why we are supposed to arbitrarily bundle up our sons and ship them off to Middle East meat grinders every time Israel starts saber rattling.

Who the f-ck am I to have the audacity to demand an accounting and disclosure as to why we are obligated to arbitrarily answer the call every time the Israel Lobby or Bi Bi addresses the Congress of Neocons and RINOS [sans Obama's Democrats and Jewish leftists] demanding more. Seems to me that the loyal ally stuff is a one way street, to my knowledge, not one Israeli soldier got so much as a hang nail in Iraq, or Afghanistan for that matter! 

Under no circumstances will I oppose the right of Israel to exist and prosper, however, because Jesus was a Jew, well meaning Christians believe they have somehow inherited the responsibility for the preservation and security of Zionism and Israel, which has one of the most potent nuclear arsenals in the world and Jesus is reviled by a significant portion of the population for the better part two thousand years. They have been known to chortle that after the acquisition of hi-tech weapons and aircraft from the US they immediately engineer and significantly improve the designs. Then there's the vaunted Mossad. I believe that they should assume the responsibility for some of the heavy lifting that our teams of special forces have been shouldering all over the middle east for years.

History of Holocausts 101 - Another Dead End

I am also fed up every time I tune to History Channel and come face to face with the horrible images on the archival footage of the Nazi Holocaust being broadcast 24-7 as if we're all guilty by association. Nobody in their right mind would view it with the callous disregard with which they ignore, better yet, clamped the lid on History of  the 1st holocaust orchestrated by the Marx Brother of latter day Commies. For the uninitiated, I am not referring to Grouch, Harpo and Chico. They are the Marx Brothers who turned Russia's terra firma red with the blood of 80+ million souls.  And we are quickly coming to terms with what has all the earmarks of the beginning of an encore of the 1st one right here in America. The carnage has begun as Muslim in the White House empties the prisons and the streets are teeming w/thousands of sub-human savages from the four corners of the globe.

Our Neocon State Dept has been warning The American Idiocracy that Putin who has Initiated not one Unprovoked Act of Aggression toward the West was on the verge of going on the March and Swallowing Up Israel, the Baltics & Balkans, all of Eastern Europe, Asia and Ultimately The World!

A couple of days after a gesture of good will in which Putin called Obama to acknowledge the 4th of July holiday and stress the importance of mutual cooperation of the two nations, the Kenyan Clown Prince went before a microphone and demanded Putin address a report of circumstantial evidence suggesting that he and Russian separatists were responsible for the downing of the MH17 airliner! After over a decade of overtures by Vladimir Putin proposing a close alliance with the USA, with visions of overthrowing him and regaining control of Russia dancing in the heads of the EU Banking & Finance Mafia and Neocons in the State Dept [Bolton being the lead lackey] collaborated on the attempted annexation of Ukraine. Conveniently overlooked is not only did Putin not unleash "shock & awe" in Ukraine, he calmly demanded and got a referendum vote in which Crimea voted to stay in Putin's Russian Federation. The response was the installation of USA missile sites surrounding Russia in the Balkans and more State Dept BS about Putin's territorial ambitions, of which there have been none under Putin.

What will not see the light of day in America's idiocracy is an interview of an Air Traffic Controller of Belgian extraction in the Kiev tower who recounted that on their screens they saw a Kiev fighter plane or planes streaking towards the airliner followed by the explosion. At that point, officials converged on the tower and led all the personnel offsite. When they returned to the tower, the logs and data accounting for the day's activities was scrubbed from their equipment. With great fanfare, Kiev government propagandists ran a press release of a truck pulling the Russian missile launcher that they alleged Putin used to shoot down the airliner. Except for one slight detail, the morons forgot to wait till the truck passed a billboard in the background advertising a Kiev car dealership. There will be consequences for acts of aggression provoking Russia and America's families will pay the price not the Neocons. Good Day...