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The Sharks are Circling - For War!

After Fourteen Years of Trying to Forge Alliances With Various US Administrations, and Getting His Teeth Kicked In, a Fed-up Vladimir Putin is Treating & Responding to  the Ongoing Aggressive Attempt to Annex Ukraine, a Member State of the Russian Federation by the Combination of US State Department Neocons and EU Banking and Finance Mafia as An Act of War  - Which it is….

The American people conditioned to believe, out of hand, without question, any line of propaganda that refers to Russia in the dialogue, are now in mortal danger. Be assured that the power-mad members of a parallel force, the neocons who it just so happens own our Federal Reserve Bank, and are responsible for sending our sons to war for over a century, now have the world at a tipping point, and all the parties on the international stage have their operatives on high alert at their consoles, with hands on hair trigger on the controls. 

As an astute Putin fed-up with having his overtures at cooperation and alliances, with an America that prefers conflict and conquest, rebuffed, is watching the fabric of America unraveling under the  furious assault of the Obama Regime, on one side, and a equally corrosive parallel force, the neocons on the other. Putin no longer sees any equity in an alliance with the US as it disintegrates under his, and our gaze, has no choice. And he's being romanced by the Chinese who are not annexing Russian territory, but are licking their chops at having the Russian Bear in their court. 

The Chinese are Ecstatic

After decades of over flying Russian territory with nuke bomb laden B-52's all of a sudden Russia is doing the same. After these wise asses reneged on all the ABM treaties and various peace initiatives hammered out between Gorby and Ronnie, Russia is all but surrounded by ABM's, clear threat -  possible intent of a nuke 1st strike. In addition to crippling Russia's economy, the annexation of Ukraine, a bald faced attempt to seriously threaten Putin domestically, would come close the closing the loop of the ABM deployment.

Now the Chinese are having a fun time circling the oceans in our hemisphere and are becoming more brazen by the day, all of a sudden Bolton is noticeably less bellicose of late.

I am fed up with the profligate squandering of the blood, limbs and lives of our sons and exploiting our military industrial complex for their wars of opportunism and fun and profit. 

You will not see these names [click here for the list ] among the O'Brien's, Ryan's Smiths, Kowalski's,  Olivieri's and Mariano's on the flag draped coffins coming home on C-130's, the ones they send to the Middle East to fight for the land of the free and home of he brave.

The time has come for America to face the fact that the nefarious critters in the Obama administration are not the only threat to our nation. The neocons are a parallel force that is as much of a threat to this Republic as the Obama Regime and they have played a huge hand in starting the game of Russian Roulette around the world.

They are as dangerous as any because the cloak their activities in patriotism - at the rate things are getting out of control, we may not be around to see another rigged election in November

- What if Mexico Annexed Texas and Putin was POTUS?  - 

What would a real American President do if several thousand paid Mexican and Muslim mercenaries marched on the Texas State House and sent Perry packing?  And after annexing Texas, they took over the city of Houston, blocking America's only access to the sea, in this case the Gulf of Mexico. Unable to export oil and natural gas and manufactured goods, the economy would collapse, and Mexico would plunder America and overthrow the President. That's not exactly same scenario. The reason that the Putch is failing in Ukraine is because unlike Amerika in which 51% of the people despise Obama, 85% of Ukrainians love Putin.

Also, before the robber barons brought Democracy to Ukraine and appointed, [not elected] remember the democracy part? ] a government of stooges, Ukraine was a democracy and willing member of the Russian Federation. Why? because an overwhelming percentage of the people have had enough of the EU robber barons stealing Russia blind and Putin, there's that guy again, put a stop to it, and in ten short years, radically 

elevated the standard of living and built Russia's economy into a colossus.

They also love Putin because the Right Wing Conservative Christian, tyrant that he is, the factions in Russia who would put a Russian version of an Soros/Bolton neocon, or Russian version of Obama in the Kremlin are scared to death.

But that didn't stop Hillary from going to Vilnius Lithuania and try to gin-up a popular uprising against Putin during the last election. She had many problems, the fly in the ointment was the only one that mattered. That being the popularity issue. Putsy took it in a landslide.

In a not so strange juxtaposition, Putin is universally admired and incredibly popular in conservative circles in International political circles, and very unpopular among Communists, Soros' Banking & Finance Mafia & European Robber barons - who it just so happens own and are plundering our, oops their Federal Reserve Bank. Oops I almost forgot that gerbil Bolton.

Sublime Ironies - Oh, How I Hate to be Right..

Obama Has Lunch on House of Chumps..

Approximately a week ago, I said that "based on trends, how will the winning of 6 seats in the Senate make a difference?" And that assessment was proved correct when the Senate and over 2/3's of the House of Boobies took the bait hook line and sinker and voted to arm the Obama's Syrian Rebels. You know them, they are Syrian rebels that Putin stuffed when they tried to depose Assad [who is not 'the' problem for the west].  I'm sure you remember them, they are the same bastards who butchered Qadaffi and our Ambassador in Libya, and deposed Mubarak in Egypt. For emphasis, they are the devils that your DUMBO Congress just voted to arm AGAIN!

Remember the excuse for deposing Saddam in Iraq, Qadaffi in Libya, Mubarak and now Assad? The pap they were serving to Americas comatose sheep, "we're bringing freedom and Democracy to those countries. See article below. So what is the real motivation behind all of these activities? Obama in my opinion is obviously an enemy of this country and connected at the hip with the Muslim brotherhood. Remember the 5 Muslim Boy Scouts he traded for the weirdo? Haven't heard much about that lately..

Well, Obama's boys outfoxed those morons in the Congress who yesterday voted to arm and support them again! this is after Putin and Assad put down their attempt to depose him.

Obama even stood before a microphone and admitted that if Assad resists, he will attack him. If Putin stands behind Assad if we attack, you can bt your booties that Russian anti-aircraft technology will prove to be very effective if he does. If you are too dense to figure it all out, try it this way. If Obama arms the enemies of America, the Borther Hood in Syria and Puty shuts them down whose side are you on Obama or God forbid Putin?  The only ones dumber that the Congress of boobies is he dummies who voted them into Office. Yesterday a Blaze Radio commentator named [Buck] outlined polls that called six states that the Republicans need to win to take over the Senate, a toss-up.  I pray I'm wrong, but based on yesterday's follies, what difference will it make

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