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On DC's Passing Gas - Ironies Political & Otherwise

- Romney, Rinos, Race Riots in The African-American Provinces - Romney to the Rescue of the Idiot Nation ..

White America the Idiot Nation

The Regime of the African-American Jackass doesn't need to see Draft Romney headlines to set-off a fit of laughter, they are already convinced that not only are we a nation of impotent simpletons - he laughs his ass off everyday when he backhands the whole nation of idiots across the face. When in need of a few quick yucks, he sits down at his desk, puts his feet up, peels a banana, opens his mail program and reads the thousands of messages from the sheep begging him to arrange the release of the Marine rotting in a Mexican shit hole, which need I remind you, he has not to my knowledge, ever addressed. It's not because Mexicans told him to go [F] himself, it's because we can go [F] ourselves and he has bigger fish to fry along with the fried chicken. He's formed a panel and a Kangaroo Court to hear a bogus indictment of the Governor of Texas for abuse of power. Why? because, his own abuses of power notwithstanding, it just so happens, Perry had the audacity to defy and challenge Obama and Holder on the swarm of illegals murdering the citizens, raping and pillaging the ranches and properties at the Texas border. The message is, they are going to show the world that they can take-down one of the biggest Republican political figureheads in America. Say what you will about Perry's limitations, lacking a pair balls is not one of them. Balls? Oops, I almost got side-tracked on Romney.

So, why in hell NOT go after Perry? They had the IRS going after the whole of America's conservative constituency and aside for some soaring oratory, gratis Trey Gowdy accompanied by a great Kabuki Fandango, they got away with it.

Fueling their audacity is the fact that our capons are terrified of impeaching the Muslim and his screwball administration for serial breaches of the Constitution and High Crimes & Misdemeanors. Despite the indignant yammering of the Impotent Simpletons in Congress, he and that stupid bastard, the scrambled-egg headed screwball, Holder, who is more suited to be the Attorney General of a tribe of naked bush bunnies occupying a clearing in Ugandan jungle, have been urinating on the Constitution for 6 years. Is it any wonder why he has no compunctions about making an example of Rick Perry?   

Bottom line, as dumb as Obama and his fucking idiot Attorney General are, America's idiot fringe are not just dumber, they are infinitely dumber, if that's possible. [For proof see Romney segment below]…. For more proof, imagine, a governor of a state the size of Texas, Perry escorted to a police station to be finger printed, a mug shot taken and arraigned.   

- "Romney to the Rescue" - "The Draft Mitt" Movement -

The great mass of twitter tee-dee's with eyes glazed over and orgasmic at the prospect of a redux of the 2008 Romney debacle in 2016, didn't have long to wait. At a rally in New Hampshire, his assessment of the most dangerous blood thirsty Enemy of the Constitution on the cusp of a classic Marxist Revolution, race war and blood running in the streets, was another go 'round with the infuriating marsh mellow Romney pap we all gagged-on in 2008

Mitt on the Stump, ["Obama Made "Errors & Mistakes!"] It's '08 All Over Again.

The News Headlines Read: "The former Massachusetts governor has some pointed words for the man who defeated him two years ago, saying "President Obama was doing a good deal worse than even I expected."

He cited the U.S. economy and troubles abroad in such hot spots as Iraq, Syria and Russia." He continued:

"I was not a big fan of the president's policies, as you know, either domestically or internationally," he said, "but the results of his mistakes and errors, in my opinion, have been more severe than even I would have predicted." Despite his demurrals about a political future, Mr. Romney's itinerary suggests otherwise.

So, the activities of the power-mad, murdering Islamist gangster Obama and rabid Bolshevik Regime that swamped the country with untold millions of disease infested, criminal psychopaths and passes up no opportunity to express his contempt for America and her people, "are errors and mistakes."  Ditto the activities of his racist Attorney General who for years has been making it up as he went along, set up one Constitutional crisis after another to end our Republican form of government and our way of life. According to the Barbie Doll Mitt, Obama's impending world-wide melt-down and imminent end to the America in which we lived and prospered are really a result of "errors and mistakes." After seeing that, my only recourse to save what was left of my sanity, was fits of maniacal laughter. Ladies and gentlemen of the jury, he is a dangerous loon, a certifiable phony, empty-suit who can't be trusted to be candid, "be real" much less represent Tea Party conservatives and Nation desperate for a "wartime consigliere." American conservatism will not survive another 2008

And the Belt Way RINOS are flitting like butterflies at the prospect of the nice middle of the road, market economy conservative who won't ruffle feathers discussing stuff like Black Panthers, voter fraud, immigration, Benghazi, the IRS scandal and the out of control neocons in the state Department trying to snatch the Ukraine and depose a former America ally Putin. Then there's Obama's Muslim jihadis in the West Wing.   

Yes, the Barbie Doll Romney is the answer to thwarting the rabid leftists licking their chops at the prospect having-at another RINO pansy 2016. Calling Ben Carson! He's not afraid to say "we are in a war for the heart and soul of America and the goofball in the White House, is an Islamist terrorist." I get the sense that unlike Romney, Carson likes the sting of confrontation, he likes a good old fashioned dust-up.

FOX Network & The Race War in the African American Province of Ferguson   

So you think white Americans are not morons? Watch Hannity, Megyn Kelly, O'Reilly and Aunt Greta every night. They are convinced we are morons, or they are - there are no other options. For over a week, FOX Network gave us around the clock coverage and filled our screens with a parade of morons too stupid to at least tell the same B.S. story as to how the white pig M'F-ker pumped 38 caliber slugs into the back of a [290 lb. 6'8"] teen who wailed the living hell out of the white pig m'f-cker [half his size] and smashed his eye socket. The White Ass Governor the African-American Province of Ferguson, says Pig M'F-cker must be prosecuted.

The ultimate jakassary, was the transparently phony Megyn Kelly, furtively, searching the eyes of Brown's lawyer, soliciting [his] the buffoon's [theory] of the events on that fateful day, when the white police officer shot the unarmed black teen. The buffoon didn't disappoint, his version was as contrived as Kelly's nauseatingly feigned yearning for the truth. Who cares that she makes an ass of herself? She's insulting the intelligence of her audience. Oops, intelligence of [that] audience?

Five days later, "This Just In! According to FOX's lead bullshit artist O'Reilly, rumor has it that, just maybe the white pig m'f-cker was assaulted by "the unarmed black teen." 

Make sure you have it right, gotta' be "fair & balanced." Right, balance after a week of  FOX's frauds lynching the cop.  It gets better now, we're supposed to believe that according to O'Bloviatior, aka The Great Gas Bag, he just got the news that, "maybe" the unarmed black teen" assaulted the white pig m'f-cker. How come it took a week for O'Bloviator to get the news when I knew it one hour after the thug [oops teen] went down?   

The Impending Genocide - More Mistakes & Errors

When Soros and The Fed order the cessation of printing paper money, and highly placed sources in the financial community say it's imminent, the economy will be torched and the meltdown will commence. The fall-out from the lack of food and services will unleash an explosion of hoards of rampaging psychopaths emerging from thousands of inner cities spreading into the bedroom communities in every city and surrounding areas.

Europe's international banking and finance Mafia orchestrating the Obama agenda are methodically gutting the economy and crumbling the infrastructure. They've swept aside the very building blocks of the American Edifice and breached the fire wall-the Checks & Balances which have been challenged and unraveled with the dispatch of a team of car jackers stripping a BMW on a Bronx side-street at 4 am 

A simple search will lead you to FBI and CIA warnings that there are hundreds, if not thousands of Islamic sleeper cells all over the country, waiting for the word. And more are coming in with the Hispanic versions. The designated targets of the aparatchiks of the International Banking & Finance Mafia orchestrating the Obama revolution, designated for death, are predominantly white groupings. Bizarre you say? Read the writings on the topic of Eugenics and population control by Ezekiel Emanuel and Cass Sunstein, investigate the role that they played in formulating policy and structuring of the Obama Care Legislation, then draw your on conclusions. Just Mistakes & Errors. We are, at Defcon 3  Draft the Warrior Romney. Good Day…