If it Wasn't Tragic, it Would be Hilarious, Trump Out Does [W] on the 1st Try Putin Stabbed In The Back Again - Bombs Zionist BiBi's Favorite Target Syria, While ISIS Cheers on the Sidelines!! 

The Trump Doctrine of Détente & non-Intervention, DOA!   His Voters Duped...

and Non-Intervention DOA...

Bombs Zionist Target Assad While Laffing ISIS Mobs Cheer on the Sidelines!!   


The Final Romney Post Mortem

"The Lampoonist-American"

by Your Perpetrator in Chief David C. Baker

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Well, Well, Well, That Didn't Take Long - Zionists, Neocons & Their Mad Dog Generals Are Running the Country Again - The World is Back on War Footing ...

Putin Demands Proof Assad Was Behind the Gas Attack! Not a Chance...

John Bolton [Our Very Own Zionist Dr. Strange Love] 

"Bring on The War, Bomb Iran, Bomb Syria WTF!  Bomb Russia!!!

             Putin has a Standing Arrest Warrant for Soros                                                                           

              In America He's Orchestrates the Revolution...

- Welcome President Trump's New Advisor Jared Kushner -

Jared's "Long & Productive Relationship" with

George Soros's Includes New $250 Million Investment           

http://bit.ly/2oKykn4  #MAGA #tcot

Did Trump Bomb ISIS?…No, He Bombed Syria!! And Is Left Holding the Bag...

Henry Kissinger's New Protégé [Zionists] Kushner, after marrying Ivanka and converting her to Judaism, [a supreme insult], early-on, seemed to be a bemused spectator at the few Trump rallies that he attended. His brother on the other hand, was protesting everywhere. Jared, not exactly banging down the door of the Deans's list at Harvard, made a brilliant 90 degree right turn. When Daddy's campaign gained traction, there was Jared. Then Daddy did the unthinkable, his election propelled the Kushners and Zionists from pulling the strings behind the scenes, to the driver's seat and Trump, off the rails. His Administration is now a clone of Bush [2] on steroids with Zionists and Neocons running the show. With military installations in NATO countries expanding to within 300 miles of Moscow and the missile assault in Syria, Détente with Russia's is in shambles. The Trump Doctrine is toast...Build a shelter, do it now...The breakfast bagels at the White House, are particularly delicious these days!

Poppy Bush Lived to See His Globalist Collaborators [Traitors] Back in Business in DC!

When Israeli Spokeswoman Tzipora Menach Refers to Stupid Americans, Does,

That Include POTUS Trump…[I'd Bet On It]….


Trump Snatched Defeat from The Jaws Of Victory…

The End of "The Trump Doctrine of Détente & Non-Intervention"

Jennifer Rubin in the Washington Post wrote a column: "Why Bannon must be Fired."

Primarily because of his pro-Soviet tilt toward Détente with Russia. She cites former State Department Zionist Eliot Cohen, saying that Bannon's shadow NSC staff must be neutered [Before they, the Zionist Neocons can take over the Trump Administration] Italics mine. She says they must convince Trump to get rid of Bannon or see his Presidency fail! It's like watching a bunch of rats at a garbage dump...

- Trump's Globalist Moles' Wrecked the Russian/American Alliance -

Putin on the Hot Seat but He Isn't - Handicapping Putin is a Fools Errand…

1 -  Right out of the Box Tillerson, went right for Putin's  jugular in Brussels along with Pence, Mattis and McCain. Was furious when Trump and Bannon nixed his attempt to appoint Bush neocon Elliot Abrams to a staff  position. Trump dodged bullets when Bannon shot down both Abrams and Bolton.

2 -    [Pence] why so determined to get rid of Flynn? After all, it was Obama's CIA that set him up. Pence finished him off?  Or was it Preibus? Trump should have never caved on Flynn…He blew it...The long view: If Trump blows-out, Pence the Establishment, mole? in good standing is [in]..

3 -  The 'blow hard' General Mad-Dog Mattis blustered and strutted, doing his best Patton impression, throwing his weight around like a tom-turkey with feathers sticking out of  his ass. We don't need Mattis doing the ugly American, drill sergeant version of the Ali Shuffle, playing 'chicken' with a room full of high echelon Russian military dignitaries. Or if you prefer, the representatives of a nation with the capacity to turn the earth into a mass of radio active glass, carbon and cinder, burnt to a crisp, glowing in the dark in a million year nuclear winter. I wouldn't be surprised if Putin announced that he is persona-non-grata, and that he, his generals and diplomatic corps, won't be participating in any functions at which Mattis is in attendance.

4 - One day after Nikki Haley was confirmed UN Ambassador, she was on the UN floor 'bashing' Putin. While Putin who confines his activities to his own backyard, antagonizing him, is the State Department's favorite past time. Putin with the patients of Jobe, is biding his time, but not much longer. The State Department complaining about Russian pilots buzzing our warship in the Black Sea off Crimea, has missile installations 300 miles from Moscow. So Putin put communication vessels off the East Coast and in the Gulf of Mexico…Soon it will be nuke subs...   

Asking the Right Questions is the Best Method to Ascertain Facts [Ask Yourself]

Who are the beneficiaries of Neocon Zionists making an enemy of Vladimir's Russia? Think 'real hard'...No answer?  Your Family in Iowa? Your sons in the military defending the newly built military basses and missile installations on Russia's borders? Has Vladimir Putin been raising hell in our backyard? [This Hemisphere] No!

Why is it that America believes the bald-faced Lie that Putin Annexed Ukraine and Crimea?  The people of both countries rejected the Annexation by the EU Robber Barons and voted to stay in the Russian Federation w/Putin? Sadly America's Boobacracy will swallow hook, line and sinker any line of bullshit draped in the trappings of patriotism. Every night they are spoon fed that Putin is a thug by State Department neocon war mongers. Four thousand flag draped coffins and 4X's that many maimed for no definitive benefit to the US are proof. And as long as we continue to send our sons, instead of asking [why] the parade of coffins will continue. 

Putin saw his car deliberately smashed head-on killing the driver, who it so happens was a personal friend. Obviously [Vlad] was the designated target of opportunity, by Zionist 'robber barons' in London, you know the boys who run the EU and it just so happens own your, oops, their Federal Reserve Bank' with all of your dough in it.. Asking the right questions always brings reality into focus..

Regarding the 4000 dead and 5 times that number maimed in Zionist Wars in the Middle East? For what? No answer yet? Start with Saddam in Iraq [now ISIS] Egypt's Mubarak, Libya's Qaddafi. Boltons neocon's clamoring for action in Syria against Assad? Syria a state not unlike Egypt, in which Christians lived in peace and prosperity. And now Iran, For what? A budding history buff will learn, the only wars we fought for the benefit of Americans are the Revolutionary war, The War of 1812 and Civil War. And, the chapter covering the history of the raping and pillaging of the south and people in the aftermath of the civil war, will also live in infamy.   

How come Putin and Iran get along just fine? We started that mess when we deposed the Shah Ooops.

Israel's Wars, Our Sons…

It's So Easy For Them to Throw Our Boys Down a Middle East Shit Hole, They Don't Even Have to Use The "It's For Oil" Excuse Any More, BiBi goes before Congress and demands more, we send. Go to a car show in a rural American town and the maimed amputees, and wheel chairs w/American flags taped to the frames, will make your head swim and blood boil. It ain't about me, but recently, at one of those events on a warm summer Saturday, I couldn't bear it, I went to my car and composed myself.. I Like Mad Dog Mattice, I say kill the ISIS savages, but not one more fucking drop of Goyishe blood for Zionism!

Good Day….   

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